Financial Aid

Orientation Guides Transfer Students

When transferring to another institution, it is important to understand that your financial aid award is not transferable to other schools; each institution may award a student different amounts and types of aid. Awards are determined by student eligibility, the cost of attendance at the school, and the total number of aid dollars available at the school. To begin the process of requesting aid at a different institution, you must add the new school's code to the FAFSA and that school will then receive your FAFSA financial aid information and begin the process of awarding financial aid.

You should contact the financial aid office of the school you will be attending to determine:

  • the new school's aid application procedures
  • what aid is available
  • what forms may be required
  • if you must be admitted before your file will be reviewed

Allow reasonable time for the necessary paperwork to be processed. Follow through with the process by staying in touch with the school to be sure outstanding requirements have been fullfilled and your file is complete.