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SOAR Ambassador Mentor Profiles 

SOAR Ambassador Profiles
Alecia Hall
Recreation, Sport Leadership, and Tourism Management
Oakboro, NC
What I appreciate most about UNCW is that I have found a home here with people that support me in all of my goals in life. The number of people that are committed to helping me succeed here is unreal and I am beyond thankful to be apart of the Seahawk Family. #HawkYeah
Campus Involvement: UNCW Athletics Facilities and Event Staff, UNCW Softball
Bryanna Waller
Exercise Science
Wilson, NC
My advice to an incoming student would be to manage your time wisely! Investing in a planner can help with this and it will prevent a lot of stress in the long-run. Making friends who hold you accountable is vital as well. These are the people that want you to succeed, so don’t take it personal if they are a little hard on you.
Campus Involvement: Black Women’s Association & Black Student Union
Chandler Kushinsky
Pre-Business Administration 
Matthews, NC

What I appreciate most about UNCW is the welcoming atmosphere. From speaking with faculty or employers, to meeting total strangers, people here are genuinely kind. People hold doors for each other, students work together to collaboratively tackle difficult assignments, I've even seen strangers swiping each other into the dining hall when one person ran out of meal swipes. These small acts of kindness are what make UNCW stand out among other schools.

Campus Involvement: Supplemental Instruction Leader for Microeconomics, Desk Receptionist for Housing & Residence Life, double majoring in Finance & Economics in the Cameron School of Business

Nakyah McNeal
Rocky Mount, NC
I chose UNCW because it felt like home from the moment that I first stepped on campus. I immediately fell in love with the people and the vibe of this school. The community that surrounds our university is amazing and there are endless opportunities here. I have confidence that the people that I've met so far here will be in my life for a long time and I'm excited to see what else my journey here has in store.
Campus Involvement: Cru, Leadership and Service Learning Community, Pep Band
Allison Mattocks
Jacksonville, NC
What I appreciate most about UNCW is the loving and caring community here. The staff, students, and faculty are here to help you succeed, and they will help you as much as they possibly can. There is endless support and they push you to be the best student you can be! This is why I chose UNCW, because the community here is like no other!
Campus Involvement: CRU, and the Leadership and Service Learning Community. 
Ashley Holsclaw
Coastal Engineering
Elkin, NC
Advice To An Incoming Student: Try getting involved on campus and in the community as early as possible, and don’t be afraid to try new things! Your experience here at UNCW will be 100% better and more memorable if you are engaged and take the time to find/do things that you enjoy.
Campus Involvement: UNCW Honors College, Society of Physics Students
Madeleine Franco
Cornelius, NC
What I appreciate most about UNCW is that it has given me the opportunity to grow and gain a sense of true independence. There is a beautiful positivity and sense of community. From the moment I stepped on campus it felt like a home away from home. Being here has helped me explore how I can give back to the world around me. 
Campus Involvement: Association for Self-Care for Future Health Professionals
Alexis Patterson
Special Education
Matthews, NC
My advice to an incoming student would be APPLY FOR ALL THE SCHOLARSHIPS! I almost didn’t even bother applying for the SOAR scholarship because I didn’t think I would even be considered, but here I am and it was so worth writing the extra essay!
Campus Involvement: Heeling Hounds Club