Financial Aid

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Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility

Financial aid eligibility may be regained by eliminating all satisfactory academic progress deficiencies (at the student's expense) until the requirements of this policy are met, or by appealing their satisfactory academic progress status. The sections following describe the areas a student is required to remedy in order to regain financial aid eligibility. Students who do not enroll for a semester, or pay for school at their own expense, do not automatically qualify to receive financial aid in a subsequent semester. The terms and conditions of the Satisfactory Academic Policy must be met.

Cumulative GPA's can only be brought up by class attendance at UNCW or UNCW off-campus programs where UNCW credit is earned.

  • Hours Earned deficiencies may be made up by successfully completing coursework at UNCW or at another institution. However, students who are enrolling elsewhere must complete the Transient Study Form and have the coursework approved by UNCW prior to enrolling in the other institution. After transient study coursework has been successfully completed, students must provide an academic transcript to the UNCW Registrar's Office.

Once students are in compliance with all three standards, they must notify the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid in writing to request an evaluation of eligibility. This process cannot be completed until all grades and hours are posted to the student's official record at UNCW. No financial aid award is calculated until after the review process is complete. Evaluation cannot occur until after changes are due for the upcoming term; therefore, an award letter or deferment of charges may not be available for the semester the student regains eligibility. The student should make other arrangements to pay for tuition, fees, room, board, and all other expenses.

  • Maximum Time Frame: Once the time limit has been exceeded, aid eligibility ends, even if the student is in compliance with the other two standards. Federal regulations do not allow an appeal for students who have attempted more than 150 percent of program requirements