Financial Aid

SAP Definitions and Conditions

For financial aid purposes, the following definitions and conditions apply:

  • To earn hours at UNCW, one must receive a grade of A, B, C, or D (including "+" or "-"). All other grades, including F, I, W, WF, WP, Z or AU do not earn hours.
  • Classes from which a student withdraws after the drop/add period count as attempted but not earned hours. Therefore, withdrawing from classes after the drop/add period negatively affects students' ability to satisfy the hours earned standard. (Also see Policy on Return of Title IV Funds)
  • Financial aid recipients should report grade changes to the OSFA in order to reassess financial aid eligibility.
  • When students repeat a course, the total attempted hours increase with each repeat, but the student may only earn hours for each successfully completed course once. Therefore, repeating courses may negatively affect students' ability to meet the SAP standard and complete 75 percent of attempted hours.
  • Audited hours (AU) do not count toward graduation and students may not receive financial aid for audited courses.
  • Accepted transfer credit counts as both attempted and earned hours