Financial Aid

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Your Aid Notification

Your Financial Aid Package

Once we receive the results of your FAFSA and other required forms, we will create your financial aid package, based on your financial need. It is UNCW's policy to award scholarships and grants first, followed by employment and loans for which you qualify. You may receive some types of financial aid, in excess of your need, up to the Cost of Attendance.

Students receive an electronic Financial Aid Notification outlining the financial aid being offered. This notice will include general information about each award offered and instructions for accepting or rejecting each award. After the first notification, subsequent award adjustments/updates are sent to the student's UNCW email address. Email notifications will refer the student to UNCW SeaNet for detailed award information and instructions. After classes begin, and where possible, all correspondence from the OSFA to the student is sent to campus email addresses. Students should check their UNCW email regularly.

Note: Upon written request, a paper award letter may be mailed to the student. One should note, however, that handling the award process by postal mail will result in significant delays.

Receiving Your Financial Aid

The Student Accounts Office is responsible for disbursing your financial aid. Your financial aid is applied directly to institutional charges (tuition, fees, room and board). Any excess funds will be available to you within 14 days of the date the credit balance occurs or within 14 days of the first day of classes, whichever is later. Financial aid student refunds are disbursed to students by direct deposit. Students should log-on to SeaNet and their E-Bill information to set up direct deposit into an existing bank account.

The financial aid a student receives goes to pay the UNCW bill. There is typically extra money left over once everything on the bill is paid; especially if the student doesn't have on-campus housing, dining, and/or UNCW insurance. The student will receive that excess money the first week of class through direct deposit or a check, depending on how they set it up through Ebill. Reimbursement will be automatic once the bill is covered. For example, if the student receives $10,000 in aid, and the bill is $6000, the remaining $4000 would be given to the student to cover extra expenses (e.g. off campus housing or other school related expenses). Other inquiries about the process should be directed to your financial aid counselor