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In order to provide better and more personalized service, students, both active and prospective, should use the following listing to identify their financial aid counselor. For both undergraduate and graduate students, each alphabetical grouping, e.g., B-C, represents students with last names beginning with those letters. Veteran Students (i.e., those active or prospective students entitled to veterans educational benefits), Student Athletes on athletic aid, and OAP (On-line Accelerated Program) students are not included in the alphabetical groupings and are considered three individual groups. These three groups have their own counselor(s).

Below, you can find your financial aid counselor by student last name or special grouping. You may hover over your counselor’s name to obtain their email address and submit any questions that you have or to schedule a time for an in-person meeting, phone conversation or virtual meeting via Zoom.

If you prefer to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor via our virtual option, once you click our link below, you will be initally placed into our office Zoom Waiting Room. Meetings will be set to 15 minutes max to allow us to see as many students as possible. If the wait is too long, we encourage you to call us at 910.962.3177 to see if you can be assisted that way or email your counselor with your inquiry. In addition to the Zoom Room option, we also have a Live Counselor Chat option available. Both features are available Monday - Thursday 9 a.m to 4 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Financial Aid Office Zoom Room 

Live Counselor Chat

Please note: The Zoom Room and Live Counselor Chat feature are not available on weekends or when the university is closed for a holiday. 

 Financial Aid Counselor Alphabet Assignment

FinAid Counselor Alphabet Split
Student Grouping Counselor & Email
Athletes Chad Voorhees
OAP Students (A-D) Lori Felumlee
OAP Students (E-Z) Lori Felumlee
SOAR Ambassadors  Shannon Miles
VA-Military Students (A-J)  Alton Johnson
VA-Military Students (K-Z)  Chad Voorhees
A, B Tracy White
C Wanjiku Njuguna
D Sharnelle Williamson
E Chad Voorhees
F Alton Johnson
G Lisa Pipkin
H, I Tracy White
J, K Sharnelle Williamson
L Alton Johnson
M Lauren Janney-Wolf
N Lori Felumlee
O Sharnelle Williamson
P Wanjiku Njuguna
Q, R Lauren Janney-Wolf
S Jeffrey Smith
T Lisa Pipkin
U, V Wanjiku Njuguna
W Lisa Pipkin
X, Y, Z Wanjiku Njuguna