Financial Aid

Athletics & Financial Aid

Athletic Grant-In-Aid Awards

Student athletes at UNCW may receive scholarship dollars through the Athletic Department for their team sport (Grant-in-Aid) or from a donor to the Athletic Scholarship funds.

To receive an Athletic Grant-In-Aid, students must sign the Grant-In-Aid form and return it prior to the deadline for their sport. Students receiving a full grant-in-aid may see adjustments to the amount of their grant-in-aid if they change resident halls or meal plans.

Financial Aid Eligibility

If a student athlete is filing for need based aid, they need complete their FAFSA early in order to be considered for need based grant funding.

The official FAFSA opening date is October 1. For priority consideration of limited need-based federal, state, and institutional funding, the FAFSA application should be filed by the established priority deadlines of January 1 (fall), October 1 (spring) and April 1 (summer). 

Aid is awarded in the order students apply and are ready to be packaged for aid until all funds are exhausted. You will be notified of your financial aid award once we receive the results of your FAFSA and other required forms. 

Athletic Grant-In-Aid Appeal Process

If a student's grant-in-aid is not renewed from one year to the next the student will be notified in writing indicating the reason for the cancellation. If a student chooses to file an Athletic Appeal, they may do so within 14 days of the mailing date of the letter or e-mail.