Financial Aid

UNCW students competitively row

Athletic Appeal

A student athlete may request a formal hearing to discuss reinstatement of athletic grant in aid eligibility by completing the following:

  • The Director of Scholarship & Financial Aid notifies the student-athlete, in writing, of the opportunity for a hearing when institutional financial aid, based in any degree on athletics ability, is reduced or canceled during the period of the award, or is reduced or not renewed for the following academic year.
  • The student must submit a written request for an appeal meeting to the Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid within 14 days.
  • Upon receiving a request for an appeal meeting, the Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid convenes a committee comprised of four persons from the university community. This committee includes the Director of Scholarships & Financial Aid, the Faculty Athletic Representative and two other faculty or staff, chosen as needed. The Deputy Associate Director of Athletics for Compliance serves as an Ex-Officio member.
  • The appeal meeting is convened within seven (7) days after it is requested.
  • The appeal meeting is closed to the public.
  • The student may be accompanied by a person of their choice, although the student-athlete is the only individual who may speak during the hearing.
  • The team coach, or their representative, may present pertinent information regarding the appeal. Once their position is presented, they will be asked to leave the meeting.
  • The student presents their appeal regarding the reduction or cancellation of athletic grant-in-aid.
  • At the conclusion of the evidence, the committee excuses all parties and witnesses and deliberates to determine the outcome of the appeal.
  • Within three (3) days after the conclusion of the hearing, the committee notifies the student of its decision.