Financial Aid

Have you completed the FAFSA? Don't wait!

Applying for Aid

Financial Aid is any source of funds available to assist you in meeting the costs of your college education. Applying for financial aid doesn't need to be stressful. Follow our steps below to apply for financial aid!

For priority consideration of limited need-based federal, state, and institutional funding, the FAFSA application should be filed by the established priority deadlines of January 1 (fall), October 1 (spring) and April 1 (summer).  You will be notified of your financial aid award once we receive the results of your FAFSA and other required forms. 

Our FA 101 Guide will give a comprehensive roadmap to the financial aid process. However, below is a condensed 8-steps to get on the right path:

  1. Pre-October - Create your student and parent FSA ID
  2. October 1 - Complete the FAFSA.  We can’t guarantee funds will still be available for late applicants.
  3. December 1 - Complete the University Scholarship Application
  4. January 1 - Monitor UNCW email address regularly and respond in a timely fashion.
  5. March 1 – Complete Summer Aid Application.
  6. March/April – After receiving your financial aid notification (May 15 for returning students), use the FA 101 Budget Worksheet (see sidebar) to make a plan for your financing options
  7. April - Accept/Decline your Federal Student Loan(s) and/or Federal Work Study on SeaNet.  Then check your SeaNet Student Requirements to complete any associated requirements.
  8. April/May - Sign-up for E-Bill notifications and set-up your E-refund profile.

Students classified as non-degree auditors, special students, or visitors are not eligible for most financial aid. Instead, they can consider private/non-federal loans. Audited courses are not eligible for Title IV aid, nor are courses that are repeated for the second time.