Financial Aid

Education Abroad

Education Abroad

Wanting to take your UNCW experience abroad? Worried about the cost of leaving the country? Take a look at our ABROAD (Aid, Budget, Refund, Out-of-Pocket-Expenses, Accept, and Documentation) overview to get you started!


Students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to determine eligibility for grant aid and receive student loans. Loans are usually the only source of aid available if additional funding is needed due to the extra costs associated with education abroad. There is a student loan limit per academic year; the amount depends upon the grade level of the students. If students have used all of their loans, parents may apply for a parent plus loan or the student may choose to seek a nonfederal loan.


The Office of International Programs provides a budget that consists of books/supplies, tuition/fees, program fees, transportation and miscellaneous items. These costs are used to determine the amount of aid you can receive.


Aid provided to a student is applied to the student's UNCW account to pay existing charges. After existing UNCW charges and fees are paid, the remaining amount is provided to students as a refund. Students must establish an account with the Student Accounts Office in order to access the funding electronically.

Out of Pocket Expenses

Funding for students will be available on the first day of classes at the host institution or the start of classes at UNCW, whichever is latest. Program expenses that have deadlines prior to that date, such as deposits and airfare, have to be paid with other sources of money. Those costs are included in the aid award.


If you have never used Federal Student loans for your education and choose to use them to pay for the education abroad, you must officially accept the loan offer via your SEANET account and complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling, if applicable.


It is important to make sure that UNCW receives official transcripts for the coursework in order to avoid financial and academic penalties.