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UNCW offers a world of education abroad opportunities for Film Studies students, including more than 600 programs in over 50 countries. The Department of Films Studies encourages students to study abroad as part of their UNCW degree and has identified preferred programs and partner schools targeted to match your academic interests.

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Program Name Country Type Terms Menu Key
Roehampton Univ. UK - England EX, SA AY, F, S PROGAM TYPES
This innovative program allows students to study and produce film in its social, cultural and historical contexts while integrating film form as a digital filmmaker, as a film theorist and historian, or as a combination of the two. EX= Exchange program, participant pays UNCW tuition
Univ. of Hertfordshire UK - England EX, SA AY, F, S
Hertfordshire is home to the majority of the UK's media production. They have strong links with the major film and TV studios, all located within 45 minutes of campus. Students have access to Film Studies workshops and the latest digital film equipment. -Articulation Agreement- SA= Study Abroad, participant pays a program fee instead of UNCW tuition
Paris - The NC Consortium Program France SA AY, F, S PROGRAM TERMS
The North Carolina Consortium Program in Paris takes full advantage of the opportunities in the world cinema capital. It is ideally suited for students pursuing a French major or minor. All participants partake in intensive French language (9 credits) in the Cours de Civilisation Francaise at the Sorbonne and have the option to take a course in either European Cinema or French Cinema taught in English.

AY= Academic Year

F= Fall Semester

S= Spring Semester

SU= Summer & Short-Term

University of Sterling UK - Scotland EX/SA AY, F, S.
The University of Stirling film department is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and has been rated the top in Scotland since its beginning. This program focuses on the critical and theoretical study of film, audio and video production, and screenwriting.


University of Newcastle Australia EX, SA AY, F, S
Film students are provided with opportunities for integrated, in-depth exploration of film that will equip them with detailed knowledge and a critical understanding of the pivotal role of film in contemporary societies.
Univ. of Western Sydney Australia EX, SA AY, F, S
The Media Arts Production department offers students excellent production skills, and knowledge, complete with practical, hands-on experience. Students study video scriptwriting, sound for video production, digital video camera, and post-production skills such as a non-linear editing and visual effects. - Articulation Agreement-
University of Otago New Zealand SA AY, F, S
Dunedin is New Zealand's only true University City - one in six of Dunedin's population is a university student. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in Film and Media Studies is designed to give students a thorough grounding in the analysis of film, television and new media.
University of Auckland New Zealand SA AY, F, S
The city of Auckland is New Zealand's largest, containing almost a third of the country's population. Its film studies department teaches key concepts, theories, histories and methodologies of film. Courses can be taken in Hollywood, Bollywood, European, Asian and New Zealand film and much more.
Additional Articulation Agreements
N.C. State Summer Program-Prague, Czechoslovakia

What UNCW Students are saying:

1. First, visit International Programs' website at
to learn more about the
programs that interest you.

You should study in Paris because it is one of the most breathtaking cities in the world and has a very rich culture and history. Paris is a very diverse

city, home to people from all over the world, and it is just a short ride away from many other

European countries. To top it off you will also havethe opportunity to learn a new language.

Evan AnthanassiouEvan Athanassiou

Paris The NC Consortium Program
2. Next, attend an information
after which you can
schedule a meeting with an
advisor to learn more about
specific programs.

Study abroad in Australia because it's a beautiful country with beautiful people. With its widely diverse eco-systems, rich indigenous culture, and thriving

cities along phenomenal coastlines, you're never too far away from an adventure unlike

anything the States has to offer.

Ashley PeelAshley Peel

University of Newcastle

3. Finally, choose the program
that best fits your needs and
start the application process.

Stirling has everything - culture, people, delicious food, historical monuments, gorgeous mountains, animals to play with, always something fun and

exciting to do, and it's close enough to travel anywhere in Europe for incrediblycheap prices.

Abigail O'BrienAbigail O'Brien

University of Stirling