Film Studies

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Departmental Honors

Honors College and Film Studies (FST)

I. Conditions in FST regarding University and Department honors:
Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.5 to be eligible to apply
  • Students who meet the minimum GPA requirement are required to pitch their project to department faculty
  • The department faculty will determine which Honors project proposals to support based upon the quality of the pitch and the availability of faculty to supervise Honors theses
  • Decisions of the department faculty are final, there is no appeal. This policy became effective Fall 2010.

II. Honors in Critical Studies adheres to the guidelines established by the Honors College.

III. Honors in Film Production requires an exceptional and significant applied film-related project (a short film, screenplay, etc.) that is planned, executed, and completed. In film production, the completed project is the honors thesis, of which the accompanying paper is an essential component. The paper, 10 pages minimum in length, is a review, reflection and critique, and should honor the scholarship and contextual influences that influenced the work, e.g., what filmmakers influenced the project; what theorists inspired the approach and why? Reference citations must be included.

IV. A limited number of honors projects are approved by FST faculty on the basis of a required pitch presentation.

  • There will be two pitch sessions per year, one in March and the other in October. Pitch sessions usually occur after the fall and spring breaks but prior to the start of pre-registration. The Honors College will be informed about the exact dates and times, along with other pertinent instructions. The pitch sessions are scheduled on a first come – first served basis and will be capped at eight for each semester. Students may sign up in the Film Studies office one week prior to the scheduled pitch date.
  • The format for the pitch is a ten-minute presentation with visual aids followed by a five-minute Q&A. Hard copy materials must include three copies of 1) a budget (if applicable) and 2) a 1-2 page summary that includes project description, approach, time line, outcome(s) and required resources. Criteria for selection may include feasibility, preparation, clarity, performance, and faculty and resource availability. The Film Studies faculty will select and assign the student’s Supervisor and Readers, unless other departments are filling those roles.

V. Honors feedback and defense

  • Honors papers and projects must be submitted to the faculty supervisor and the faculty committee according to the schedule described below. Thesis projects that do not meet this schedule will not be accepted for defense.
  • 60 Days Prior to End of Semester: schedule defense by contacting Honors Supervisor and Faculty Committee.
  • 30 Days Prior to Defense: thesis paper or project submitted to Honors Supervisor for revision notes.
  • 21 Days Prior to Defense: Honors Supervisor meets with Honors student to discuss revisions.
  • 14 Days Prior to Defense: revised thesis paper or project and any accompanying materials submitted to Honors Supervisor and Faculty Committee.
  • 7 Days Prior to Defense: Faculty Committee and Honors Supervisor provide Honors Student revision notes.
  • Defense Date: Honors Student presents revised Thesis Paper or Project.