Film Studies

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Degree Advising

Students are encouraged to get a head start on the advising and registration process by reviewing their degree audit to see what courses that they need to take to advance in their program, selecting appropriate curricular options that will allow students to address requirements that they must fulfill in order to graduate in a timely fashion, and, if necessary, scheduling an appointment with their advisors to discuss future plans and concerns that they might have about a future in film studies. By doing so well before the registration period, students will be prepared to address any problems that might arise during pre-registration and registration periods.

Mandatory Group Advising Sessions

Each semester after Spring or Fall Break, prior to pre-registration, there are several group advising sessions held over a two-three week period. It is mandatory that each Film Studies (FST) or Pre-Film Studies (PFST) major attends one group advising session. Students who fail to attend a group advising session will not receive a registration pin number until a week after pre-registration begins, so missing the group advising session could adversely affect one’s schedule. There will be no accommodations regarding this policy.

Students are required to bring a CURRENT degree audit, which is available through SEANET. Students will need to bring a "printer friendly version" of their audits which shows the necessary courses they will need for registration. During this time students should check their email for the letter of instructions about these mandatory group advising sessions; the times, places, and dates of the sessions will all be in the letter of instructions. Students will receive the registration pin numbers that they will need to register for courses at these sessions.


Questions about academic issues, course registration, and degree advising should be addressed to your advisor or contact Dr. Sue Richardson, Academic Coordinator.