Film Studies

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Admission to the Major


Academic Gateway Requirements for the Film Studies Major

Upon completing FST 200 Introduction to Film Study, a student may apply to become a film studies (FST) major. The Film Studies Department accepts a limited number of students each semester. Admission to the major is based solely upon a student's grade in FST200. For purposes of admission to the FST major, the department only credits students' first or second grade in FST 200 (i.e., students may repeat the course once, including graded audits).

Instructions for Declaring a PFST Major

Students seeking to major in film studies before completing FST 200 may declare a pre-film studies (PFST) major through the "Major Declaration" page in Seaport.

Instructions for Applying to the FST Major

While enrolled in FST 200 or anytime after completing the course, students seeking to major in film studies sign a "Film Studies Major Application Form," which may be found in the Film Studies Department office. No other action is necessary.

Admissions Timeframe

The department makes admissions decisions in the week following the December and May Commencement ceremonies, after grades in FST 200 have posted.


For more information, see Instructions for Applying to the Film Studies Major/Frequently Asked Questions