Film Studies

students discussing films

About the Major

Film Studies majors learn to see film as an artistic medium, a cultural expression, a rhetorical device, a technical production, and a commercial enterprise. The major develops students' analytical, research and writing skills, as well as their creative and technical abilities. Drawing upon the expertise of department faculty, filmmaking professionals, and scholars and filmmakers in other departments in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Cameron School of Business, the Film Studies Department offers a variety of courses in the art, history, production and business of film.

Courses in the film studies major teach students to meet the following learning objectives:

  1. Students will demonstrate that the critical study of cinema inform their filmmaking and that the study and practice of film production enhance their work as film scholars and analysts.
  2. Students will demonstrate that they understand the pre-production, production, and postproduction filmmaking process.
  3. Students will demonstrate the relationship between film form and aesthetic effect through both film analysis and the creation of motion pictures.
  4. Students will be able to conduct film research and compose cogent, persuasive, and valid essays about film.
  5. Students will demonstrate a broad knowledge of film history, national cinemas and modes of production.

For a detailed description of admission and degree requirements, go to Degree Requirements.