Faculty Senate meeting

January 14, 2014

2:00 pm � 4:00 pm

Cameron 105


Minutes for Faculty Senate Meeting [2014-01]

1.     Call to order.
42 present

2.     Approval of December 03, 2013 minutes

3.     Individual Reports

a.     Chancellor Miller: Mission statement

        Thanked Provost, Vetter, McFarland, Lanier.

        Reviewing the mission by request of BOG Strategic plan. Normally review is done for SACS re-accreditation �The reason for this is to focus missions, reduce redundancy etc.

        BOG has the authority to evaluate and restructure the missions.

        UNCW established a process � strategic planning workgroup �

o   Goals were updating and align with vision; remove the prescriptive language that prevented us from brining forward additional programs (Ph.D � PSY and Marine/Coastal).

o   Did that took it forward. Initial guidance by BOT was to do this. They approved language with masters� mission including selective doctoral programs.

o   Before the BOT had a chance to approve some schools pushed a DNP � Doctor of Nursing Practice � our proposal did not come in time � we had two doctoral programs and master of film studies.

o   When the discussion at BOG turned on DNP our BOT got permission to switch out MFS with a DNP � so we had three in the queue and a fourth in the line up.

o   BOT approved system hired a consulting firm � long time � October 17th invited to meeting

o   Ended up defending the doctoral programs (for three hours) they took this into consideration.

o   Report was made available in late November. President Ross asked us not to share. We went into discussion with GA staff. The report recommended that our mission stay the same but add the DNP. We were disappointed.

o   Provost Battles re-engaged the strategic planning group (faculty) to work on the mission again. We weren�t going to get PSY  and Marine and Coastal program added. What you just got in the email is what we had to settle for.

        President Ross did make a decision �

o   Letter from Ross to Education planning committee accepting the consultants report except in two cases � FSU and UNCW. He will accept the change for UNCW when we get the DNP.

o   In Feb ours will not be voted on because they will wait for us to get the DNP. P. Ross and Ortega explained to BOG that those universities who are like us and growing programs should not have the mission driving program development (paraphrase).

o   Universities and mission statements are dynamic. Proposes that the BOG simultaneously consider degree approvals and changes in the mission as necessary.

        Two things:

o   One, not talked to BOT yet. Will lay this out for them Friday. He guesses they will be disappointed and maybe they have advice for how to carry forward.

o   Two, with regard to PSY � that program was approved by faculty, BOT, external review and the only level left was the BOG. The original plan had been approved by a prior BOG. Consultants report misrepresented the program.

o   With the Ph.D. in Marine and Coastal Sciences we are in a broader discussion with the system schools.

o   Longer term: Master of Fine Arts in Film. Two other campuses who submitted proposals to plan were both turned down until they came and consulted with us � the three of us are now working together to work on this. Remember that this BOG is concerned with redundancy.

o   Answer to a question. If you are proposing a degree program and someone else has it making your unique is not enough. They are looking for cross institutional collaboration. They needed us to study overlaps.

o   Question: Can you explain mission creep?
 An institution like us trying to become a doctoral school. The Board is always able to reject programs. Very hard to find comparable Universities with our program portfolio.

o   Question: does this mean every time we add a program we have to re-do the mission statement?
Only for Ph.D. programs.

b.     Updates by Provost Battles on several initiatives

        Faculty Roles, Responsibilities and Rewards (FRRR) task force

o   Cochairs: Mark Galizio and Kathy Browder.

o   This initiative is not duplicating the FS RTP. Looking at how we develop faculty workload portfolios � not the details of the process but showing the linkages between responsibilities and job to evaluation and the reward process.

o   Component FRRR includes compliance with GA 400.3.4 policy on monitoring faculty work load. Some senate action required.

o   Because of RTP � the Deans/AA spent time reviewing the work of the ad hoc RTP committee � a huge amount of work went into this � going back three years. Dean/&AA went into the handbook and have feedback to contribute to this discussion you all are having. Need alignment.

        Undergraduate Student Success �

o   Leadership by Posey and Curran

o   What do we do as an institution that supports student success, where do we have barriers and what we can do to improve student success?

o   We have measures on which we are evaluated � we need to position ourselves to continue to achieve so that we can maintain the performance funding.

        Facilities and space utilization �

o   Cross divisional workgroup on strategic space on management and scheduling.

o   Led by McFarland and Victor

o   We look to have reps from the appropriate FS standing committee � buildings and Grounds � Mark Lammers will serve.

        S&B is underway. Bear Hall � walked through � people seemed in good spirits and we appreciate that. We hope to have a most improved outcome and an addition of 18 offices and generally improved facilities for all impacted individuals.


o   Two leadership officers, Johnson and Leah Kraus have taken jobs at NC Central � Deb Saunders-White is assembling her cabinet.

o   We have the interim AVC � Cecil Willis  and interim CIO is TBA. Have  met with all affected staff will appoint interim in one week � certainly by 1st of Feb.

o   CAS Dean search in the near term � still active

o   CRO search � nationally advertised for 30 seconds � interviews for end of Feb to ID successful candidate in March.

o   Recently launched faculty associate in the Provost�s office � Ariana Brach (FLL) � time in that capacity.

        Questions: Space issue � Other faculty who have had a longer time frame here � same contradictions about where to put people and classroom utilization � I hope you have some people who have been here some time and can help us not re-invent the wheel.

        Time line for the diversity and inclusion group: Appointed by the Chancellor, started work in Summer 2013 � goal December � needed to extend in the spring. They submitted an interim report � but they wanted more time. Holding off on a search for the position until have results from that group that would shape results.

c.     President of the Senate Lugo.

        Report from Faculty Assembly (Minutes of the FA)

o   Assessment of System-wide Core Competencies � Update by Jennifer Horan

o   Internal and external communication Panel featured UNCW prominently

o   Evaluations: Update
Promoting electronic media �
GL made an effort to make good responses � his response rate was very high.
In three weeks you should get responses.

o   There are some compliance issues about some of the things we already do that have to do with  UNC policy 400.3.4

o   Ad hoc RTP: Today we will continue discussion and straw votes.

o   At February meeting � Honorary degree nomination. The bylaws indicate that we vote on this in closed session. If the proposal passes then this individual will be recommended to the chancellor for an honorary degree. The meeting for non-senators will start 20 minutes late to allow for the executive session.

4.     Committee Reports

a.     The University Curriculum Committee offers the following motion.
[Motion 2014-01-M01]  
Establishment of two minors in CSB

        Forms at UCC SharePoint site

        Minors: designed to do integrate across the campus � proposal requires a couple of courses that all students must take and then once they get past the entrance criteria will take the next level � right now course will be taught by CSB but could be taught by faculty in other divisions.

        Motion passes (52 responses)  50 yes/52 no

b.     The University Studies Advisory Committee offers the following motion.
[Motion 2014-01-M02] University Studies catalogue entries

        Responses are 48 Motion passes 48-0

c.     The Research committee offers the following motion
[Motion 2014-01-M03] That the senate endorse the
Intellectual Property Policy_01-200

        Rich Ogle � reviewed the policy on IPP � we found the policy to be something we wanted to bring it to you to seek your endorsement.

        Distribution of financial rewards is 40-30-30.  40% of financial reward to creator, 30 to ?, 30 to chancellor office.

        Question about control over the patent by the faculty versus the institution. Chancellor states that resources go to the University because of the costs of maintaining the patent. Uninversity may be willing to turn it over to the inventor - the trend is to turn over the patent to the inventor and then to negotiate. Inventor may or may not want to go along with that very costly to maintain the patents.

        Vote: 48 motion passes � 46 yes, 2 no

d.     Report from Engagement and Outreach committee - Jeanne Pursuit from Comm. Studies �

        PACE conference Feb 5th 8-5 pm. $50 bucks to register � community engagement through applied learning, Feast Down East. Please attend.

        As your rep on the campus outreach council, looking for ways to assess and measure outreach from faculty, students and staff � ways to assess and measure your community engagement.

        Third item, looking for ideas and thinking about sharing faculty community engagement successes with our audience. Systematically being able to talk about those in the community.

e.     GL asks for objections to moving the e-teal update to this part of the agenda so we can discuss the RTP proposed changes at the end. No objections. E-teal moved.
Jess Boersma � Responsibility to share all the great work. Three prongs to eTeal  

        1. 45 attendees at the Summer Institute �

        2. National experts Ross and Clayton. 2) ALTC (applied learning teaching community) fellows;

        3. eTEal supported pedagogy initiatives. 64% funding rate.

Want to use resources effectively � faculty and staff intentional development of assignments is improving the outcomes.

5.     Old Business

6.      New Business

7.      For the Good of the Order

        Discussion of RTP report continued. Most of the discussion was center on the topic of sharing the Chair�s letter with senior members.
Results of Straw polls
Ad hoc RTP committee documents
RTP Forum

8.     Adjournment � 4pm