Faculty Senate meeting, Tuesday November 13, 2013


Quorum N=42 [then attendance goes to 43, during the voting up to 57]


Chancellor Report given by Provost Battles (Chancellor out for illness).


1)     Thanks from the Chancellor for BOT support and attention to the work of the Faculty Assembly.

2)     CITI update. Campus Initiated Tuition Increase � committee has been meeting will not be sending forward a proposed tuition increase for undergraduate resident students (following recommendation by President Ross). State legislature plans a 12.3% non-resident tuition increase (est  $1,988.00 increase). Considering fee changes � reducing an indebtedness reduction fee by $67.40. Increasing the Athletics fee (this is the second part of a two part increase) to $116.00.

3)     New member of the BOT Yvonne Kidd from Asheboro, NC who is replacing David Swain who has rotated off.

4)     Please attend Commencement. It means a lot to the students to see you.

5)     I added this because I saw it was on the Senate agenda. The campus has been engaged in a re-thinking about the organization and staffing of our research enterprise on campus. This has manifested itself in a couple of ways one is the re-titling and recasting of what had been the Dean of the Graduate School and Research position and reframing it to better align with our high level of research and engagement on this campus. It is now entitled Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School. Ron Vetter doing great job. We also had a transition or will have a transition; we�ve announced a transition that is upcoming January 1 involving the Associate Dean for Research position.

6)     Campus for Research, Entrepreneurship, Service and Teaching (CREST) campus. Millennial campuses. We have three campuses (CREST park at Myrtle Grove) interim CRO Vetter active in meeting with stakeholders about the emerging vision for the CREST campuses and the leadership and the reason for this focus is MARBIONIC (Marine Biotechnology in NC) opening on the CREST campus and we need a person to facilitate the leasing of that building. We hope and we really need to identify the leadership and structure of the campus for January 1 because we are accepting tenants for that building.

7)     National search for the Dean of AS � Larry Clark is leading this search. Finalists will be announced in a few days. Interviews will be complete before Thanksgiving.

8)     CAA � Comprehensive Articulation Agreement. Ross wants a single campus response to the CAA. Relevant committees have been contacted. Comments via Ideascale.

-End Chancellor report.


Faculty Senate President report

1)     Need candidates for FS president, election is in December.

2)     Faculty Assembly � the main item is a resolution from the General Education Council. Mandate to adopt two core competencies for evaluation across the system.

3)     IDEA tool-email blast came this morning. It includes information for faculty � lots of troubleshooting and debugging. Thanks from Diana Ashe to Kevin Violette. Thanks to Martin Posey from Jimmy Reeves for supporting CTE while Diana out doing the IDEA training.

4)     RTP proposal � announcement � no actions taken today. Information will be presented. Comment stream in Sharepoint Faculty Senate RTP folder � all senators have access to contribute. Please use it actively. All comments in regards to the proposal will feed back to the Senate.


-End GL report.


Committee Reports/Motions discussions and voting


Motion 1: System wide competencies from the General Education Council (Critical Thinking and Written Communication) assessed across all 16 campuses.  Some speakers in favor.


MO 01 passes. Vote: 49-0


Academic Standards committee report


Nathaniel Grove, chair. UNCW out of compliance with Title 4 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 which governs classification of students for purposes of federal financial aid. The motion brings UNCW into compliance and synchronizes us with the other UNC system school procedures. No discussion.


MO 02 passes. Vote: 54-0


USAC � submission of courses for the University Studies curriculum. Curry Guinn. USAC recommends the inclusion of the list of courses to the curriculum. No discussion.


MO 03 passes. Vote: 53-4


University Curriculum Committee � no one from committee to speak to the Senate. Some new course designations, minor curricular modifications.


MO 04 passes. Vote:  54-1


Research Committee motion


Presented by committee chair Paul Townend. The committee wanted to recognize that CREST and the emerging vision of CREST should be communicated to the faculty so that we can contribute to its success. We would like the Senate to be involved in those discussions in reasonable ways. Also, if we are filling in an organizational chart the research committee wants the faculty to be informed. 


Additional discussion: There are three projects CREST (3 campuses): public/private UNCW/other partnerships.

1)     MARBIONIC � Myrtle Grove (existing)

2)     HAHS (proposed)� contiguous with the main campus. Un-developed.

3)     Biology and Anthropology (proposed) � contiguous with the main campus. Un-developed � not yet connected to anything.

We do have a CREST campus. Want to have a person in place by January 1, 2014. Those duties are in need of assignment to a person already in a position.



DN: East-Press and West-Press � Intermural field �

Faculty member will the field go away.? No � the locations selected so far don�t really mean anything.

Faculty member: The motion is asking for transparency. Some faculty are concerned that the applied aspect of the research is going to swallow the basic research going on at CMS. The idea is that if the faculty do not have input that the applied research will swallow the primary research being done there.


Faculty member: Is the CREST on campus stuff UNCW forfeiting public space for the private dollar resources? 


 MO 05 passes. Vote: 52-3


Ad Hoc committee report on RTP � Kathleen Berkeley, Jeanne Swafford, Chris Dumas, Amanda Boomershine, and  Steve Skrabal, Frank Bongiorno, Jane Fox present to answer questions.


Gabriel gives background on the impetus for the RTP ad hoc committee. 

-did a campus wide survey, the committee deliberated, then invited the Provost to meet with them. This is the first massive undertaking since 1995.


-Jeanne Swafford: Major goal was to clarify, make consistent throughout, also tried to create a framework that will be consistent across campus but within disciplines allow disciplinary criteria (level of specificity).  KB adds that we also looked at the peer and aspirant institutions to compare ourselves. JS says they also consulted IT and Legal to make sure IT could do and if things we recommended were legal. Goal was to make it as fair and equitable as possible. Balancing all the various roles. A primary goal was to ensure communication throughout the RTP process so that everyone is informed throughout the process. Mainly we were trying to get the dossier more consistent and working together. We found things approved in the manual were not necessarily in the document.


Group reviews some recommendations:

****8 New definition of �Senior� faculty. Senior members are defined as all tenured Associate and Full Professors. Rationale for this is that in some departments tenured associate professors vote on Full and Associate. At Full level in some departments only  Full vote on Full. The University wide RTP committee associate tenured professors are deciding on Associate and Full.


****25 No single score will be used to evaluate instruction�.


****Full professor promotion requiring external review (currently this is optional).

****Remarks on justifications leading to many of the other recommendations.


Assembly adjourns at 4:00 pm