Minutes for Faculty Senate Meeting
September 10, 2013
2:00 pm � 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2013-09

1.      Call to order.

2.      Approval of May 2013 minutes

3.      Special order of the day:
Patty Turrisi was reelected Vice President,
Jennifer Horan was elected Secretary,
Other members of the committee will be: Andy Jackson, Mark Spaulding, Diana Ashe and Ken Spackman.

4.      Individual Reports

a.       Chancellor Miller.

The Chancellor reported a number of items that he characterized as �positive�. These included:

   Enrollment went up when enrollments were expected to go down. This is a good thing.

   There will be (you will notice) increased planning and construction around recreation facilities. It is important to note that the funds for these projects are left over from construction efficiencies of the recreation center; thus, they can be used for multiple purposes as long as recreation is included. Will work on enhancing multi-use "outdoor facilities".

   Branding and visual ID standards last review was eleven years ago. Not attempting to manage content, just uniformity in expressing content. Iamunno will briefly address the changes.

   Please keep up with BOT meetings. Lots of new board members, many with different philosophy about higher education to which we need to be ready to respond. There are misunderstandings about higher education and about what we do and how we operate. Need to make the point of why it is important to have faculty managing the curriculum.

   Gave to Gabriel a draft of public art policy. We have a captive bull (J), Commissioned art -behind the cultural art building...No current policy on who pays, where to put and who and how to maintain. Draft....committee...commissioned or given mechanism to ask questions.

Other not so good news...

   Large budget reduction this year (3.9%) and next year.

   Being required to add a 12% undergraduate student tuition increase for three campuses (UNCW 1 of 3) for next year. Our internal data suggest this will negatively impact the campus.

   We do not plan to have any systematic pay increase this year. The legislature says freeze...no money. Got some from tuition increase - that money diverted to pay for lines, and other things to end the budget cut pain. Will hold some back for �competitive� retention.  Pay increases highest priority in legislative efforts. Also, UNCW has never given an EPA without making an adjustment for SPA employees.

   Will work as hard as possible to get raises for faculty in the legislature. Will send Charlie and the provost to departments.

   Promotion money is exempt. No systematic adjustments for equity.


b.      Provost Battles

SAP Update

   Workgroup charged in 2012, three themes: dare to soar, learning, love of place, power of ideas and innovation.

   Old plan is "actually quite good" but shows its age.

   Proposed mission statement due in one and a half weeks. November 8th meeting. 

   Forgoing an identity statement. Want fewer and more targeted objectives. Need to reflect the objectives for the near term period and they should be regularly revisited and all will be measureable and linked back to �Our Time our Future� at the system level.

   Draft has gone out....June 2013.... Recently re-call for feedback.

c.       President of the Senate Lugo.

   Preparing for RTP revision

  Governance documents
Governance documents (primer, handbook, senate bylaws) updated. Handbook waiting to receive the recommendations of the RTP committee. The revision of the RTP document is a massive effort and he appreciates the committee for doing this - important to think about the notion of academic freedom and tenure in case the tenure process is questioned by the BOT. GL warning to the senate.

Academic Freedom Resources � AAUP

   Student Success (Transmittal letter #83)

Student success - used to be called academics first....somewhat homogenized procedures for student success across campuses. Related motions from academic standards committee; some of these motions will impact us systemically. Number of withdrawals....composition of classes and when students can withdraw.

   University Studies update (Yield to Posey) Martin Posey on University Studies

  Implementation update... over the summer they created 4 workgroups that involved 70 faculty members.

  The workgroups were led by Shelly Myers and Cara Cilano.

G1) transfer materials...ongoing assessment of transfer materials, AP and competency test, automated transfer

G2) second group on competency transfer (syllabi review) 70 automatic WI, 65 automatic (IL). We have imported 1,057 courses for US competency WI.

G3) Shelly Myers - communication, new US web page with information.

G4) Fourth group focused on CAA revision, course frequency etc.

   Transition to IDEA (Discussion at end for the good of the order)

5.      Committee Reports

a.       Academic Standards committee motions:
[Motion 2013-09-M01]: Limits on DIS courses
Passes 48/3 Yes
[Motion 2013-09-M02
]: Policy on Individuated Instruction Courses
Passes 52/2 Yes

b.      University Studies Advisory Committee motion
[Motion 2013-09-M03]  Catalogue copy
That the attached list of courses be included under University Studies in the catalogue

   List of proposed courses

   Course Action form

Passes 53/2 Yes

c.       Buildings and Grounds committee motion:
[Motion 2013-09-M04] Motion on S&B renovations.
Motion on including the affected department chairs on renovation meetings and information on changes to budget.

There was discussion on the slow rate of flow of information about the plans. It was stated that plans were not available at this time because the project was still just a concept. There were concerns about the uncertainties.
41/10 Yes

d.      Report from Faculty Assembly on Budget  - The attachments constitute the report

   2013 Budget Recap

   2013 Salary Increase Instructions

6.      Old Business

[Motion 2013-05-M04] WI and IL motion (Reeves on behalf of science chairs)

USAC reports that a motion addressing the same issues is being prepared by the committee. Ken Gurganus moves to postpone to the next meeting. Motion to postpone Passes 42/6

7.      New Business

8.      For the Good of the Order

   University Studies

   Brand Identity Guide - Newsletters  Janine Iamunno announces website

   Transition to IDEA � Shelly Chapman of the IDEA Center  presented a 40 min information session on the evaluation instrument

9.      Announcements: University and AA initiatives summary. Electronic Handout

10.  Adjournment � 4:20 pm.