Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
May 14, 2013
2:00 pm � 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2013-05

1.      Call to order � 49 senators present

2.      April2013 minutes approved

3.      Individual Reports

a.       Chancellor�s report  - Delegated to Provost Battles (PowerPoint)

   Governor�s budget released 3/2013, Senate budget delayed; we expect a significant cut. We anticipate funds for enrollment growth and building expansion. SDI priorities; final budget expected after GA action, likely late June.

   House Bill 937 � Amend Various Firearms Laws � allows people with concealed carry permits to keep guns in locked cars. Has been passed by the House and is at the Senate � efforts are underway to grant campuses authority to decide for themselves about guns on campus.

   Personnel transitions:

o   David Cordle, Jessie Sova, Jose Hernandez departing. Interims until searches can be conducted

o   Chancellor to appoint small faculty/staff group to participate in re-assessment of UNCW�s overall approach to diversity and inclusion. Nominations by August. Wants a small group to work quickly and over the summer.

   Summer innovation initiative

o   Work on the full 12-month calendar (without changing faculty salaries to full 12 months). Task Force established.

o   Charge: Study and recommend by Oct.15, plan for restructuring summer programs in 2014.

o   Dean Hardy (Chair), Nick Troutman, Scott James, Johnson Akinleye (and others) are on this � if interested, reach out to them and provide input.

   Strategic Action Planning

o   Workgroup charged November 2012

o   Mission statement development and revision leading to BOT approval April 2013

o   Vision statement and core values drafted

o   Work on goals and objectives underway

o   November 2013 target date for completion BOG action on mission statements. UNCW Plan to be completed after that.

   S&B renovations

o   Timeline: State grants request to use funds from teaching lab project for S&B, fall 2012; Analysis of renovation options began � we have insufficient funds for the renovation that the building really requires.

o   Option One was a phased renovation; vacant animal lab has less efficient single pass air. Insufficient funds for this option due to needed supplemental HVAC. In fall decided to do the renovation all at once � Small planning committee created in January � included people with a broader perspective and who were not personally effected (D. Cordle, S. McFarland, A. Vaughn, E. Pappamihiel, A. Steele, S. Pickard, M. Morgan). Recommendation by April 1 to get information to construction/engineering people for a January to August 2014 renovation.

o   No other major renovation or construction projects expected in the next 5-10 years.

o   Campus space analysis shows we have 157% general purpose classroom space and over 200% of required meeting space. Lack of faculty office space might be the primary barrier to hiring new faculty. Gap in research/teaching lab space.

o   Performance goals include increasing our number of graduates in STEM fields, health, honors and energy efficiency.

o   We get 4.2 million dollars from the Teaching Lab building; if we achieve greater energy efficiency, we can get more funds for the S&B renovation.

o   Recommendation and outcome:

a.       Theme for the building: �STEM, UG research, Honors�

b.      Increase in research/teaching labs and offices. Decrease general purpose classrooms. Non-credit-hour-producing units relocated out.

c.       On April 1 the committee finished and made their recommendation � presented to the Chancellor, all approved and sent to the design team all done in April.

d.      Renovation relocations will happen in December 2013. Renovation period will be January to mid-August 2014.

b.      Senate President�s report �Lugo

   Committee preferences. Still time to add your name to the 193 faculty members who have filled out the survey

   Handgun legislation

o   Support of FA resolution:
186 (80%) Yes
47 (20%)    No

o   Results of survey included in memo from FA to President Ross

o   Acknowledges Chief Donaldson

a.       �No evidence that guns on campus creates or enhances campus safety.�

b.      It is intended to create a convenience for people who have concealed weapons. He has carried concealed for 20 years; it is not convenient.

c.       Active shooter training video available and also have presentations that we can make to faculty.

   Items for Summer

o   Ad-Hoc RTP will continue working on revisions.

o   Lugo will work on:

a.       Updates to Faculty Handbook

b.      Refinement of Senate SharePoint site

c.       Helping with deployment of IDEA

d.      Becoming more civilized.

4.      Committee Reports

a.       The University Curriculum Committee offers the following motions:
[Motion 2013-05-M01]

   College of Health and Human Services Reorganization: The dissolution of the two departmental structures within the School of Nursing and adoption of the School Director organizational model as currently in place in the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences and the School of Social Work (CAF)

   School of Nursing designates  CLR 460 as the oral competency course within the major (CAF)

o   Senator: Concern about faculty governance the director positions are all appointed, in contrast with chairs. CHHS will no longer have Chair positions.

o   Motion passes with voice vote

[Motion 2013-05-M02]
The creation of two Marketing options in the Department of Marketing: Marketing Strategy and Professional Selling (CAF)

o   Motion passes with voice vote

b.      The Faculty Welfare Committee offers the following motion
[Motion 2013-05-M03]
Part-time office space and statement of support

o   Motion passes with voice vote

c.       Final committee reports of

    IT/LIB � Ann Pemberton

o   Committee created with merger of IT and Library committees.

o   Monitored discussion of SPOTS, provided input about mobile devices registered on campus.

o   Provided costs of BlackBoard and other resources.

o   Library moves to WorldCat Local interface in the fall. No need to research each database separately.

o   Link in the report about the increasing cost of journals and the budgets for libraries � has information broken down by field.

o   Answer to a question: Online are more expensive than the paper.

   Faculty Welfare � Dan Johnson

o   Most centered on part-time faculty. Parking rates � successfully influenced BA to have them reduced.

o   Met with folks in facilities about publicizing the existence of defibrillators.

o   Encouraged departments to create policies for rewarding non-remunerated teaching such as DIS.

o   Senator � 30 hour a week Obama Care statute access to health care. Response: Committee will investigate this next year.

   Research -- Paul Townend

o   Committee worked on ways to improve support for research, Cahill and distinguished faculty research awards.

o   Suggestions:  That senate works with the Provost to strengthen the faculty research awards. And the senate should work with AA to coordinate resources that support research and scholarship.

   Academic Standards -- Nathaniel Grove

o   Reminder of committee activities � issues surrounding Academic Partnerships and the U�s desire to contract the org to increase our online enrollment.  Committee continues to monitor this situation.

o   On request of SGA transfer policy on graduation with distinction policy was re-examined. Decided to keep the policy as it currently stands.

o   Senate chair comments that there is a report being conducted on campus on grade inflation and he will include that report on SharePoint (no evidence of grade inflation)

   Budget -- Ed Graham

o   Represent the faculty in raises and salaries, increasing graduate assistantships, raises for EPA to 80% of standard. According to BOG guidelines, 25% of tuition must be directed to faculty raises.

o   Legislature might provide a salary increase beyond the 1.5% that will likely be provided by the tuition increase.

o   Looking also at a 4 year plan process on campuses to vet initiatives on U-Budget committees.

   UCC � Pam Evers

o   For the year: 7 proposals all  passed by the senate

   USAC -- Cara Cilano

o   Worked continuing on transfer policy

o   Worked with QEP/eTeal on coordinating the learning outcomes.

o   Minutes and agendas and documents are updated on SharePoint.

o   Incoming chair is Heidi Higgins.

5.      Old Business

6.      New Business

[Motion 2013-05-M04] WI and IL motion (Reeves of behalf of science chairs)
Referred to committee

7.      For the Good of the Order

   Space Management and Shared Services

o   Faculty Statement 01

o   Faculty Statement 02

o   Faculty Statement 03: Liberal Studies
Troubles with re-location is small compared to others. Believes that her relocation is a permanent downsizing from several offices to one faculty office.  Not sure MALS can operate under the new conditions � successful program, graduated 11 masters; part of the campus goal to increase graduate enrollments. Not concerned with the agenda of the business of the university, only concerned with the academic mission�.the ability to work under these circumstances.

a.       Issue of shared staff resources she won�t address.

b.      Students also don�t have any impact.

c.       Wants a university that is responsive to our academic work.

o   Faculty Statement 04: Physics
scheduled to move into this building. Notes that Provost presentation said: increasing office space, increasing research space, in this move physics is losing 40% of office space; 50% of research lab space and no opportunities for synergy because the groups that traditionally work together will not be together. In particular cannot share lab space for faculty. This is eviscerating STEM faculty.

o   Faculty Statement 05: Sociology & Criminology
Has seen a lot of shenanigans in her years here and this is the worst case of disrespect for faculty in her 36 years here. The process by which this building has been repurposed was secret and the people impacted were not consulted until it came out in SWOOP. Faculty should have been able to discuss a STEM Center � this has been a real missed opportunity. Now the spinoff is going to hit all of campus. These are spin offs that are larger than those departments directly impacted. Appreciates the report from the Provost but has to most respectfully say too little too late. Respectfully suggests to reconsider repurposing the facility.

o   Faculty Statement 06: Sociology & Criminology
Comment on faculty treatment by the administration and the unhappiness of the junior faculty. Process did not comply with the UNC systems of joint governance � quotes from the code that the faculty were not adequately consulted as required by the CODE.

o   Faculty Statement 07:  Anthropology

Younger faculty � continued funding for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation while faculty lines have to be fought for at the end of the academic year. Department informed to move out of the building without faculty input. Had been told for the last three months department would be returning. Loves Wilmington but is troubled by the lack of support for Higher Ed in this state and the consequent constant state of crisis.

o   Faculty Statement 07:  Math.
Told about cubicles in SON building but classes in Bear and GTAs in Bear. Math doesn�t know how much space they would be losing if they moved to the new building. Computer labs � technology labs? Will be able to teach our classes. We have asked the questions several times but �.

a.       Senator:  There are only two classrooms left in the building the Math department will not be able to teach its classes in the building.

b.      Faculty member: wants to know what will become of �our expressions of concern.�

o   Faculty Statement 08: Math and Physics
The last years have been difficult, many of these decision personally bother him; doesn�t see how he can live in a cubicle � no books, files, this reduces to effectiveness. The way things have been happening on this campus administrators listen and then they do what they want over the summer anyway.

o   Dean David Cordle
When we talk about the plan, the plan that exists right now is basic � units moving, creating additional science research and  teaching lab spaces lab spaces and what has to happen now is to work out exactly how the departments or any others occupy space in the building. There is time to work that out in a way that hopefully will be a net gain for many people. The temporary situation is going to be tough and there is no way to make that easy in terms of emptying out S&B. Really more a question of figuring out who is going to be inconvenienced. Last point � committee members struggled with the work they were doing and the information they were providing and not providing�.but the other side of that question is that to involve a situation one of the obvious direct stakeholders as a part of the committee would have put that individual into a very directly difficult situation. Doesn�t know about how the information would have been shared when it was only just ideas under discussion �.

a.       Senate Chair: Notes that he has lots of voices passing through him. It is the faculty that has been displaced. The people who came onto campus from off campus are not in cubicles. The faculty are going to cubicles.

b.      Would have been easier to get the buy in of the faculty if this committee could have told people that they were going to develop a STEM Center. The faculty could have commented and helped shape this.

o   Comment � Eliminating my program�s resources will cause it to be less effective and less productive. She would understand this decision if the decision was being made that the MALS program is no longer a program the University can continue to support. If so, make the decision and let me know.

o   Comment: The idea is that things happen on campus and no one knows anything but we are also constantly being told things one way or another. So it would be better to be more transparent so that the faculty know what is going on all at the same time.

8.      Announcement

Diana Ashe hands out QEP announcement newsletter.

9.      Adjournment