Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
May 14, 2013
2:00 pm � 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2013-05

1.      Call to order.

2.      Approval of April 2013 minutes

3.      Individual Reports

a.       Chancellor�s report

b.      Senate President�s report -- Lugo

   Committee preferences. Still time to add your name to the 193 faculty members who have filled out the survey

   Handgun legislation

o   Support of FA resolution:
186 (80%) Yes
47 (20%)    No

o   Results of survey included in memo from FA to President Ross

o   House passes the bill on May 06 by a vote of 78-42.

   Items for Summer

o   Ad-Hoc RTP will continue working on revisions.

o   Lugo will work on:

a.       Updates to Faculty Handbook

b.      Refinement of Senate SharePoint site

c.       Helping with deployment of IDEA

d.      Becoming more civilized.

4.      Committee Reports

a.       The University Curriculum Committee offers the following motions:
[Motion 2013-05-M01]

   College of Health and Human Services Reorganization: The dissolution of the two departmental structures within the School of Nursing and adoption of the School Director organizational model as currently in place in the School of Health and Applied Human Sciences and the School of Social Work  (CAF)

   School of Nursing designates  CLR 460 as the oral competency course within the major (CAF)

[Motion 2013-05-M02]
The creation of two Marketing options in the Department of Marketing: Marketing Strategy and Professional Selling (CAF)

b.      The Faculty Welfare Committee offers the following motion
[Motion 2013-05-M03]
Part-time office space and statement of support

c.       Final committee reports of



   Academic Standards




   Faculty Welfare

5.      Old Business

6.      New Business

[Motion 2013-05-M04] WI and IL motion (Reeves of behalf of science chairs)

7.      For the Good of the Order

   Space Management and Shared Services

o   Faculty Statement 01

o   Faculty Statement 02

8.      Announcement

9.      Adjournment