Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
February 19, 2013
2:00 pm � 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2013-02

1.      Call to order.

2.      Approval of January 2013 minutes

3.      Individual Reports

a.       Chancellor Miller.

b.      President of the Senate Lugo.

   Faculty Assembly update

o   Final version of GA Strategic Plan

o   CAA under revision

o   Fostering Student Success (Policy 400.1.5)


   US/QEP position update

   S&B building renovations committee formed

   Coming up on March � SPOT proposal � Adopt IDEA

   Coming up on March � RPT proposal

   Grievance/Hearing primer (draft)

4.      Committee Reports

The Steering Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2013-02-M01] Transfer Patch
o extend the �patch� for transfer credit that was brought to the senate by Steering on October 02, 2012 for one more year, through June 2014.
The October 2012 �patch� reads

Students entering UNCW in Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Summer I and II 2013 who receive credit for previous coursework will also receive credit for all University Studies competencies attached to the equivalent University Studies courses

5.      Old Business

6.      New Business

7.      For the Good of the Order

8.      Announcements

9.      Adjournment