Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
December 04, 2012
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2012-12

Meeting called to order at 2:00.

President present. Presence of quorum noted.

November 2012 minutes approved

Individual Reports

Chancellor Miller.  Unable to attend.  In Raleigh on UNCW business.

President of the Senate Lugo.

·   SACS Focus Report.  Very positive overall. 

o   One principal issue that remains is credentialing, in large part resolvable by providing additional information.

o   It is possible that certain faculty will no longer be able to teach certain courses due to specificity of credentialing rules by SACS

·   AV search update (Yield to Provost Battles)

o   Currently in process of identifying people for both interim positions

o   Applications were in double digits for both.

o   Finalists have been identified.  Their CVs and confidential feedback mechanism are available on Provost’s SharePoint site.

o     Feedback due by December 6th.

o   Goal is to make announcements regarding placement in positions by Commencement.

·      Faculty Assembly update

o   Challenges presented by GA (as Teaching opportunity)

·      Move to reduce General Education, both in terms of total hours (to 30 credits) and in variety of classes.

·      Question of loss of governance at university level

o   Gen Ed; CAA articulation agreement Governance discussions.

·      Reevaluation of tenure

·      Role of research at Master’s Comprehensive Institutions.  Why not leave research to UNC-Chapel Hill?

·      Appalachian State.  Shared Governance issues.


Committee Reports

a.       The Steering Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2012-12-M01] Quality Enhancement Plan
That the Senate endorse the Quality Enhancement Plan,  “eTEAL: experiencing Transformative Education through Applied Learning,” with a  central focus on improving applied learning at UNCW through the implementation of the following three, interrelated parts:

·      Applied Learning Summer Institute

·      Applied Learning and Teaching Community (ALTC)

·      eTEAL-Supported Pedagogy Initiatives

o   Summary

o   QEP Webpage

o   QEP announcement  from  item 8b in November agenda

[Motion 2012-12-M01 passes unanimously]

b.      Report from Academic Standards committee: Report on transfer with distinction policy  

c.       Report of IT/LIB Committee

o   Higher level of foot traffic this semester (47% greater than last year at this time)

o   Greater number of outlets installed to support computing needs

o   Working with Honors to digitize all Honors theses

Leah Kraus, CIO

o   Blackboard will have planned downtime during break to perform crucial hardware upgrades, starting on December 17th at 5:00 p.m.

o   Email upgrades.  Working with Microsoft to improve Spam Filter, moving away from Proofpoint and to the Cloud, at no cost to UNCW.

o   Notifications will be automatically generated for emails in quarantine.  Opt-out options will also be available.


d.      Report of Research Committee

          Paul Townend:   2013 Cahill Awards

o   Increased number of Cahill Awards this year, due in part through the support of the Provost’s Office

Old business. None noted.

New business. None noted.

For the Good of the Order

·      General Education:  Reading material -  FA

·      Thanks to Cara Cilano and Ken Gurganus for all the relevant supporting material.

·      Questions and comments:

o   Where is the push to make these changes coming from?

o   New State Legislature.  Influence of Outside Lobby Groups.  Also public perception.

o   Rather than merely be on our guard should we be proactive?  Perhaps the Chancellor could best address strategies.

o   Is Faculty Assembly only voice for faculty concerns? 

o   Possibility of drafting resolution.

o   Need to do better job of marketing what we do. 

o   Other issues include transfer courses.  Last time we revisited this issue was 15 years ago.

Announcements.  None noted.

Meeting adjourned at 3:07