Minutes for Faculty Senate Meeting
November 13, 2012
2:00 pm � 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2012-11

1.      Meeting called to order at 2:00 pm. President present. Presence of quorum noted.

2.      October 2012 minutes approved.

3.      Individual Reports

a.       Chancellor Miller.

  Chancellor�s Report. Topics:

o       Campus Strategic Planning

o       Tuition and Fee recommendations

o       University Innovation Council

o       Marine Science review and MARBIONC

o       BOG strategic planning

b.      President of the Senate Lugo.

  Faculty Assembly update � Strategic Plan flow rate model


o       Program to train service dogs.  Pilot phase.  2 students/dog.  Discussions have occurred throughout the campus.  Contact Candy Ashton in CHHS for questions.

  BA Policy on Travel

o        Business Affairs is working very hard to solve problems generated by new travel  policy.  Direct questions or concerns to Senate Steering Committee.

  SACS Focus report

o        Sometime later this week or next week UNCW should receive initial report.  Focused report will be due end of January.

  Work on progress: RTP, Evaluations, Transfer Credit.

o       Reports and related motions forthcoming

4.      Special order of the day: Consent Calendar

a.       [Motion 2012-11-M01] UCC CAS curricular proposals: Pre-Law minor, CSC degrees, Biochemistry hours; Minors in Neuroscience, Applied Behavioral analysis, International Studies.

  Approved without dissent

b.       [Motion 2012-11-M02] UCC proposals: Transition date for UCC chair; Number of hours in OCN, GEO, MAT.

  Approved without dissent

c.       [Motion 2012-11-M03] USAC 2013 Catalogue additions. Long list

  Approved without dissent

5.      Committee Reports

a.       The University Studies Advisory Committee offered the following motion (from objection to consent calendar):
[Motion 2012-11-M04]
2013-14 Catalogue Recommendations
II. b. Historical and Philosophical Approaches
     ANT 207: Archaeology
     ENG 210: Mythology

  Floor ceded to Cara Cilano, USAC Chair (Justification report)

o        Discussion on shift from departmental focus to outcomes-based curriculum.

o        Move into 21st-century with regard to high-impact practices.

o        Need for �purposeful pathways�

o        US not just Basic Studies, but new way to conceptualize and teach general education.


o        History: Reference to memo.  This is not a small issue.  Not a turf issue.  Focus on what consists of a good general education. 

o        Danger of not being able to defend principle of disciplines.

o        Objection based on inability to handle two different approaches, e.g., Social Sciences and History/Philosophical/Religion.

o        Not viable

o        Not right kind of History course.  Doesn�t address foundational aspects of History.  History has not submitted certain, introductory courses to HPA because they�re not best suited to address relevant approaches.

o        If disciplinary borders are obliterated

o        There are many places for inter- and trans-disciplinary courses.  Need to leave a place for disciplines.

   Rejoinder from Anthropology

o        Archeology fits in HPA based on rationale approve.

o        Archeology only way to get time-depth on pre-literate societies

o        Archeology does not fit well in Social Sciences, Humanities or Sciences.

   Philosophy and Religion

o        Seems possible that someone could go through an approaches category without getting foundational knowledge in Historical and Philosophy approaches.

   Any specific objections to Archeology and its SLOs?

o        Archeology is a sub-set of History and not comprehensive.

   Objection memo from History Department

  Objection memo from PAR faculty

  ANT senator comments on HST/PAR objection

  Approved by a vote of 30 in favor and 20 against.

b.      Report of committee on Student Matters

c.       Report of Academic Standards Committee � Academic Partnerships

6.      Old Business

7.      New Business

8.      For the Good of the Order

a.       AA restructure. Provost Battles

b.      QEP. Presentation by Horan/Boersma

  QEP memo circulated by Provost.

  eTEAL Announcement


c.       Strategic Planning (if time permits) (Chairman Hans remarks)

9.      Announcements - None

10.  Adjournment at 4:00 pm