Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
October 16, 2012
2:00 pm � 4:00 pm. EB 162
Meeting 2012-10

1.      Call to order.

2.      Approval of September 2012 minutes

3.      Individual Reports

a.       Chancellor Miller.

b.      President of the Senate Lugo.

   Faculty Assembly update

  Strategic Plan

  Articulation issues

  Student success and performance model

  Shared Governance

   University Studies transfer credit

   Small things that make a difference

  Booklists � staff scholarships

  Clocks during tests. Faculty absences

   Academic Partnerships

4.      Committee Reports

a.       The Steering Committee offers the following motions:

[Motion 2012-10-M01]:
That the senate endorse the following Strategic Plan Resolution [Alternate Motion]
[Motion 2012-10-M02]:

That Article III.A.2  and Appendix B.1 of the senate bylaws be amended by indicating that the Vice President of the senate will also serve as the elections officer.

b.      The University Curriculum Committee offers the following motions:
[Motion 2012-10-M03]:

CHHS program changes. CLS Pre-Requisites, CHHS prefix

c.       The Budget Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2012-10-M04]    That a tuition  increase of 4.3 % to 4.6% for 2012-2113  be assessed to be used for a requested faculty salary increase of 2%.

   Budget committee discussion

   Budget: 80th percentile report

5.      Old Business

6.      New Business

7.      Announcements

   Applied Learning and Teaching Community Events

8.      Adjournment