Minutes for Faculty Senate Meeting
September 11, 2012
2:00 p.m. EB 162
Meeting 2012-09

Meeting called to order at 2:00.

Chairman, Secretary, and Quorum were present.

Attendance: 55 voting members signed in.  Due to Computer/UNCW Sign-In Systems  malfunction, individual senator attendance records remain unretrievable.

April 2012 minutes approved.

Special order of the day:
Election of the Vice President, the Secretary and the Steering Committee of the Senate:

o   Vice President:  Nominations: Patty Turrisi.  Elected unanimously.

o   Secretary: Nominations: Jess Boersma.  Elected unanimously.

o   Steering Committee: Nominations: Mark Spaulding, Jennifer Horan, Andy Jackson, Jimmy Reeves.  All elected unanimously

Individual Reports

Provost Battles: [PowerPoint]

o   I’m glad to be here and have the opportunity to speak with all of you.  The Chancellor had to be in Raleigh to discuss the Strategic Plan, so I’ll be covering for him.

o   Presentation of Fall 2012 enrollment data.

·         Record enrollment.  Concern regarding student:faculty ratio (currently at 16.44, goal is 15:1).  Data is preliminary, as some positions are in the process of being filled.

·         Salary Increases.  Total 2.5%.  1.2% across the board for all eligible faculty.  The additional 1.3% identified for performance, equity, merit, and retention.  Salary increase will be retroactive to July 1, 2012

§  Question:  What’s the difference between performance and merit?

§  No major distinction made at UNCW. 

·         Performance Funding.  Listing of 10 measures.

§  Assigned FTFT, Retention, 6-Year Graduation Rate, Degree Efficiency, Degree Efficiency—Pell Recipients, UNC FIT 

§  We selected Annual Giving, Energy Efficiency, STEM + Health Graduates, University Honors Graduates, Community College Transfer Graduation Rate.

§  UNCW is evaluated by comparison to itself, not to other institutions in UNC system

·         Chancellor Miller working on implementation of new strategic mission.

·         Innovation Council:  Important theme in the Chancellor’s vision.

President of the Senate Lugo.

o   Shared governance documents (primer, handbook, senate bylaws):  Revised to be more user-friendly.  Much easier to maintain.  Only changes have been in format, and the removal of dead hyperlinks. 

·         Changes that need to be made include updating committee structures

o   CAF: now completely electronic. New Course Action Forms need to be approved by Faculty Senate.

o   Evaluations and RTP projects [Flow chart]

·         Series of binary choices: electronic or not? Same instrument or other?  Same questions or new ones?

o   SACS (Posey)

·         Compliance report submitted 6 September 2012.

·         Thanks given to major contributors to process

·         Next step in process is off-site review, 6-8 November; near 100% of institutions have compliance concerns in this phase.

·         Response to comments addressed by Focused report, due 28 January 2013.

      Committee Reports

i.  The Steering Committee offers the following motion:

o   [Motion 2012-09-M01]:  That the senate adopt the new electronic signature Course Action Form.
[Motion 2012-09-M01 approved unanimously]

ii.  The University Curriculum Committee (/USAC) offers the following motion:

o   [Motion 2012-09-M02]: Blanket Explorations – Internship designation -E491, -E498

[Motion 2012-09-M02  passes unanimously.]

iii.  The University Studies Advisory Committee offers the following motion:

o   [Motion 2012-09-M03] Writing Intensive/Information Literacy supplemental substitution form

·         Statement of the WI/IL motion

§  Supplemental substitution form.

§  Discussion:  Concerns regarding use of document and process of review.  For example, is curriculum tied to SLOs?   Would like to see language concerning operational aspects of substitution forms.

§  Do we want an additional form?  If so, not this form, because it’s flawed.

§  Not in agreement with not routing substitution waiver through department chairs, as SLOs in Writing Intensive and Information Literacy are tied to curricular concerns.

§  Not only tied to SLOs

§  No major negative consequence to sending back to USAC, since there are existing substitution waiver forms.

§  Clarification:  This form is only meant to address transfer credit issues.

[Motion to send Motion 2012-09-M03 back to committee for larger conversation regarding process of substitutions.  Motion passes.]

iv.  Report of the Budget Committee [Report by Charles Maimone], [Salary Survey]

v.   Report of the Committee on Student Matters (Yield to Garay)

o   Vision for new committee is that we are a liaison with corresponding administrative units. 

o   New options from Bookstore.  Publishing books and course packets. 

      Old Business. None noted.
New Business. None noted.
Announcements: Senate reception for Provost Battles 3:30 – 4:00. EB Lobby

Meeting adjourned at 3:25.