Minutes for Faculty Senate Meeting
March 20, 2012
2:00 p.m. EB 162
Meeting 2012-03

Meeting called to order at 2:00 p.m.

Chairman, Secretary, and Quorum were present.

Attendance: 3-20-2012

February 21, 2012 minutes approved.

Individual Reports

Chancellor Miller

o   Kudos to Professor Messina for being recognized by UNC system for excellence in teaching.

o   Encourage everyone to participate in Innovation site. 

o   Ongoing formulation of performance model and which criteria the university would like to include.

o   New assistant to Chancellor hired.

o   Provost Search Update:  Will be conducting phone updates next week.

President of the Senate Lugo.

Committee Structure. Back to the future (Thanks to UNCW archival librarian)       

i.        Standing Committees

§  Senate Bylaws: 1982

§  Committee structure.  Basically identical to what we have now.

ii.      RTP

§  Senate bylaws: 1980, 1987      

§  In 1980 no RTP committee

§  In 1987, RTP committee appears.  Unchanged since then.

§  Does this suggest that the faculty have not adapted to the times?

§  Is the lack of change due to inertia or because we’re at a stable point?

§  Do we need university-wide RTP committee? 

iii.     Process of working on consolidating committees. 

§  More to follow in upcoming meetings.

§  About to create new, ad hoc RTP committee.  Will build on reports created by the Evaluation committee and the last ad hoc RTP committee

iv.        Paperless CAF’s

§  Proposal forthcoming. 

v.         Consolidation of Curricular Committee and University Studies forms.

Committee Reports

The Academic Standards committee offers the following motions

[Motion 2012-01-M01]: Residency Requirement
To qualify for the bachelor's degree, students must be enrolled in a degree program at UNCW and must have completed:(1) a minimum of 25 percent of the credit hours required for graduation through courses offered at UNCW and (2) 15 semester hours in the major at the 300-400 level. Exceptions to requirement (2) may be made only with the approval of the department chair or school director, and the appropriate dean. Requirement (1) may not be waived.

[                 Motion 2012-01-M01 passes without dissent]

[                 Motion 2012-03-M02 UNI 101 Waiver requirements and repeat policy

Unanimous consent to strike “and pass” from wording. 

[                 Motion 2012-03-M02 passes, as amended, without dissent]          

The Steering Committee offers the following motions:

[                 Motion 2012-03-M03] Faculty Handbook –Library special faculty update

o   Special Faculty terminology clarified.

            [Motion 2012-03-M03 passes with 2/3 majority]

[Motion 2012-03-M04] e-Learning Awards
Starting in the 2012/2013 academic year, the office of e-Learning proposes the “Excellence in e- Learning” faculty awards to be awarded annually.  Nominees will submit self-evaluation via the Exemplary Course Program (ECP) rubric, which will be reviewed by committee to determine the winners.

            [Motion 2012-03-M04 passes without dissent]

The University Curriculum Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2012-03-M05]  WSE  to WCE
That the name of the Watson School of Education be changed to the Watson College of Education.

o   If approved it will have to pass through Academic Affairs and Board of Trustees.

o   Question:  How will changing the name change the status of the entity?

o   Cameron School of Business:  Matter of changing the name to College has not been addressed officially by School of Business.  Straw poll suggests desire to keep name as school.

o   Again, what is the import of changing the name?

o   Desire to maintain parallel structures.  WSE currently has four departments within it.  Also desire to match designation with relevant UNC-system schools and peer institutions.

            [Motion 2012-03-M05 passes]

The Steering Committee offers the following motion
[Motion 2012-03-M06]  Intellectual Property
That the entire section in the Faculty Handbook on patents and copyrights
http://www.uncw.edu/fac_handbook/responsibilities/research/patents.htm  be replaced by the following:
Institutional Patent and Copyright Procedures
The University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Approved by Board of Trustees January 2004, 2007


As defined by the patent and copyright policies of the Board of Governors, to which these procedures are expressly subject, The University of North Carolina at Wilmington has articulated intellectual property guidelines and procedures governing patents and copyrights. These policies were approved by the Board of Trustees in 2004 and 2007 respectively.
Policy on Patents http://www.uncw.edu/policies/documents/01.200_Patent_Policy.062305.pdf.

Policy on copyrights


o   Need to do rapid revision of all relevant documents to reflect changes so as to not confuse SACS reviewers.

o   Important to understand policy, especially if you are a faculty member involved with creating content that may generate a significant profit for the university.

          [Motion 2012-03-M06 passes without dissent]

            Old Business

            2011 RPT Ad-Hoc committee report

o   This report will be posted on SharePoint site for ENTIRE Faculty, not the Faculty Senate site.

o   Intention is to create new ad hoc committee and build off of this document.

            New Business

            Motion from Pamela Evers re: waiver of Public Service Requirement for Military Veterans

o   I’m Pam Evers, former LT in the Navy, and have been involved with the Student Veterans Organization and Military Task Force since its inception many years ago.   We have an increasing number of students enrolling who are veterans and with the military drawdown, we will surely see a further increased enrollment.   As we move towards requiring public service from our students, I propose that we waive the requirement for public service for our Military Veterans.   To this end, I make the following motion: 

            “UNCW waives the public service requirement for Military Veterans.”

o   Question: What do you mean by public service requirement?  University Studies?  Explorations?

      Motion seconded, and will be sent to Steering Committee.


                  QEP Presentation(Kim Cook)

o   How does QEP implementation possibly impact RPT?

o   Hope Faculty Senate and Chairs will support QEP.

o   For QEP Applied Learning to be successful and fair, there need to be support and recognition mechanisms in place.

o   Possible backlash.  Why are resources going to QEP, e.g. the director, when departments are facing severe budget constraints that hinder ability to carry out basic mission?

o   Senate will seed Faculty Senate SharePoint site with discussion thread.

    Campaign Completion

o   Marla Rice Evans, director of Advancement, goal: $65 M, $66.5 M 11 months ahead of schedule.

                       Innovation Council

o   Jessica Magnus: http://uncw.edu/innovate/

               Meeting adjourned at 3:40.