Minutes for Faculty Senate Meeting
February 21, 2012
2:00 p.m. EB 162
Meeting 2012-02

 Meeting called to order at 2:08.

Chairman, Secretary, and Quorum were present.

Attendance:  2012-02-Attendance.pdf

January 17, 2012 minutes approved

Individual Reports

         Chancellor Miller.

o   Thanked faculty for work done at the University

o   Budget Discussion.  Summary of budget approved by Board of  Governors

o   In process of working through budget for next year. 

o   Likely that shortfalls will continue over next few years

o   Continue to look for efficiencies at all levels:

  Stopped search for Chief Information Officer and Dean of Health and Human Services in light of search for Provost.

  Investigating whether or not to replace position occupied by Cindy Lawson

o   Innovation Council has been working hard.  Will be reaching out to faculty in the upcoming weeks.

o   Concern regarding off-campus facilities as a possible way to cut costs.

o   Search Committee for Provost has met.

  Position is considered as Chief Operating Officer

  Not just oversight of academics, but other units as well

  No rush.  Right candidate is more important than timely replacement.

         President of the Senate Lugo.

a.  Faculty Assembly update: Performance Funding: Proposed Academic Progress Model (75%) (From Suzanne Ortega)

i.     Freshman sophomore retention rates

ii.    Degree efficiency

iii.   Six year graduation rates

iv.    Degree efficiency for Pell eligible students

o   Provost Barlow: Each campus can pick two more to add to the list (e.g. Graduation rates of CC transfers, number of degrees in high demand majors, STEM majors etc).

o   More flexibility given selection of goals, and how the achievement of the goals are judged.

b. Campus security (Yield to Chief Donaldson)

o   Hope these burglaries will attract the attention of the faculty, since while theft does occur,these incidents are particularly systematic and well-planned.

o   These recent burglaries appear to be related, and limited to the UNCW campus.

o   UNCW Police is actively investigating the incidents.

o   Importance of locking all interior doors.  This action has helped to deter intrusions.

c. Update on Provost search (Yield to Pat Leonard)

o   Ad has been posted on HR webpage and relevant national organization sites.

o   March 9th is first deadline for early consideration.

o   Goal is to bring 3-4 candidates to campus in April.

o   There will be multiple venues for the faculty to provide feedback.

o   Two open forums will be convened.

d. Consent Calendar (Yield to Ken Gurganus)

o   History of this motion tied to desire to expedite items in Consent Calendar, so that the business of the senate is not bogged down by items that are not controversial and that comply with the policies of the senate.

o   Benefits.  More efficient. Will allow time for discussion of more complex issues.

o   Suggestion:  Examine Consent Calendar and if item appears in need of discussion, then it should be requested that that item be pulled out.

Committee Reports

The Steering committee returns [Motion 2012-01-M04]:

Consolidation of IT and Library committees (Revised)                                         

(Original motion on 2012-01 agenda)

[Motion 2012-01-M04 passes with consent of 2/3 vote of senate]

[Motion 2012-01-M05]  On Academics First (Revised):
The UNCW Faculty Senate endorses the Academics First idea of examining our own policies in the light of dialog and information from other UNC campuses to learn potential best practices and assess how following the policies of other campuses might affect cost, accessibility, and quality of education. 
We sustain that individual campuses continue to set their own policies on drops, withdrawals, course repeats, maximum course loads, GPA, probation, and all other such policies related to SAP  if necessary,  under reasonable limits and criteria set by General Administration.

o   Yield to Raymond Burt, Faculty Assembly Delegate.

  Im in full agreement with motion and will share it with the Faculty Assembly

[Motion 2012-01-M05 passes without dissent]

The University Studies Advisory Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2012-02-M01] UNI 101. Catalogue description and change to 3 hours as in
UNI 101 Curricular Action Form

o   Supporting documents

a.      UNI 101 Sample syllabus( 3 credit hours)

b.      UNI 101 Proposal for FS

Comment: CAF was left out of batch submission by oversight.



  How is curriculum being evaluated, given that this is normally done at level of the department?

  Is there a common syllabus?

  Why does UNI 101 have to be taken in first semester?

  What are the differences between 2-credit, optional course, and making it a 3-credit, obligatory course for all freshmen?

  Why must this course be mandatory?



  Course concept was approved in 2009.

  Yield to Kemille Moore: SLOs are matched to University Studies.

o   UNI 101 has gone through UCC and USAC.

o   Textbook is customized.  Large parts written by UNCW faculty.

o   Switch to 3-credit course is aimed at deepening critical thinking, information literacy, and other vital skills, as well as linking UNI course to academic disciplines.

o   Reasons for doing this in the first semester of first year are past history and logistical concerns.  Currently, 85% of freshmen take the UNI 101 course in their first semester.

o   Do transfer students have to take this course?

o   No.

[Motion 2012-02-M01 passes]

The Steering Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2012-02-M02]  
Qualities of new Provost.

[Motion 2012-02-M02 passes without dissent]  

Old Business.  RPT document status?

New Business.  No new business noted.

Good of the order (Open forum)

         Importance of revisiting the efficacy of university committees.

         Need for more volunteers to participate in the Idea Center pilot.  Contact Diana Ashe..Must be tenured. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:25