Agenda for Faculty Senate Meeting
December 13, 2011
2:00 p.m. EB 162
Meeting 2011-12

1.      Call to order.

2.      Approval of November 29,  2011 minutes

3.      Special order of the day: Election of the 2012-2013 senate President. (P. Turrisi)

4.      Special order of the day: Nominations for Faculty Assembly

·         Colleen Reilly eligible for a second term

·         Raymond Burt term expired.

5.      Individual Reports

·         Chancellor Miller.

·         President of the Senate Lugo.

1. Faculty Assembly update

i.        Faculty Workload

ii.      Low productivity

2. Music UCC proposal on correction to program length approved

3. Follow up on:

i.        Senate committee structure

ii.      SPOTs without spots à IT committee

iii.    SACS reports

6.      Committee Reports

·         The Steering committee returns [Motion 2011-11-M01]: Curricular Change.
(The original motion was referred to the steering committee at the 2011-11 meeting.)
To amend the Curricular Change policy in the handbook to reflect: the new CHHS, the change from Basic to University Studies, the new Credit Hour Definition policy, and the external review process by the BOG.

·         Proposed revision to policy – (tracking changes)

·         Proposed revision -- (without tracking changes)

·         The Academic Standards Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2011-12-M01]

i.        A catalogue change to raise the admission GPA for Social Work from 2.4 to 2.5

ii.      A catalogue change to raise the admission GPA for Athletic Training from 2.5 to 2.7  

iii.    Proposed EXS Catalog Description
Requirements for a Major in Exercise Science for the B.S. Degree: 62 hours.  Students wishing to declare a major in Exercise Science must:   Complete a minimum of 24 semester credit hours; Achieve a cumulative gpa of 2.70 or better (inclusive of UNCW and transfer credits); and a minimum grade of “C” (2.0) in each of the following courses:  BIO 201 Principles of Biology: Cell (4); CHM 101 General Chemistry (4); and MAT 111 College Algebra (3) or higher. 

Once admitted into the Exercise Science program, students are required to complete: HEA 465; CSC 105; EXS 216, 217, 340, 347, 349, PED 350, 355, 359, 379, 410, PED 415, 460, 470, 471.  Additionally, students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours of EXS elective courses (see advisor for approved list).

A grade of “C” (2.00) or better is required in each course within the Exercise Science major core requirements.  Students must provide written documentation of current First Aid and CPR (including AED) certifications during the term they expect to graduate.

iv.    The grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the accumulated number of grade points (quality points) earned by the accumulated number of quality hours. The resulting quotient is carried to thousandths place and then truncated. Hours for which grades of “F” or “WF” have been assigned are included in the calculation of the GPA.  Grades of “I”, “W”, “NR”, “Z”, and “P” are not included in the calculation of the GPA.


·         The University Curriculum Committee offers the following motion:
[Motion 2011-12-M02] Curricular changes for catalogue.

1. Recreational Therapy (RTH)

a.       Add RTH 359 as a degree requirement for the RTH/ RT major—this course replaces REC 359 as a degree requirement thus there are no additional hours added to the major Remove REC 265 as a degree requirement for the RTH/RT major—a supportive course will be added to the degree requirement thus there is no change in the number of hours needed for the major

b.      Add three hours of support course work to RTH/RT major to replace REC 265

c.       Add prerequisite and restrictive statement to RTH 368

d.      Name change for RTH 370

e.       Name change for RTH 373

f.       Introduction of a new course—RTH 384

2. Elementary, Middle Level, and Literacy Education (expedited, report only)

a.       Reduce EDN 421 from 2 credit hours to 1 credit hour

b.      Align courses to the current Standard Course of Study and future Common Core or Essential Standards as necessary for pre-service middle grades teachers

c.       Update course names and numbers to reflect the current university studies requirements

3. Music

a.       Decrease the number of hours in the BA degree, from 55 to 54 (for senate action)

b.      Correct the number of hours for the BM Music Performance degree (expedited, report only)

·         The steering committee offers the following resolution:
[Motion 2011-12-M03]
In light of recent incidences involving the use of force at several United States universities, the UNCW faculty rises in support of the constitutional right of students to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in university campuses.

·         Budget Committee report

·         Buildings and Grounds Committee report

·         Faculty Handbook Committee report

·         Faculty Welfare Committee report

7.      Old Business

8.      New Business

9.      Announcements

·         Soaring to Greatness; Campaign update

·         Diana Ashe

·         G. Lugo (Acknowledgements)

10.  Adjournment