Note: Proposals

    1.c          (Raise GPA entrance requirement for SWK)

    3.a.ii       (Raise GPA entrance requirement for ATR)

    3.b.ii.6    (Raise GPA entrance requirement for EXS)

have been referred to the Academic Standards Committee. The ACS and not yet acted on these two proposals and hence they are not on the floor of the senate for adoption.


The UCC moves the adoption of proposals in the following areas:

1.    Social Work

a.    Updates to the course descriptions for SWK 460, SWK 496, and SWK 497.

b.    Create two new courses: SWK 450 and SWK 451.

c.    A catalogue change raising the GPA to qualify for entrance to the SWK major from 2.4 to 2.5.

2.    College of Arts and Sciences

a.    Creative Writing Proposals

                                         i.    Create a core curriculum for pre-CRW majors to satisfy as qualification to apply for the full CRW major.

                                        ii.    Increase the number of hours for the BFA degree to 63, from 54.

                                       iii.    Dissolution of the minor in creative writing.

b.    Change the hours required for the European Studies Minor from 24 hours to 21 hours by removing GGY 385 from the list of core courses and adding it to the list of electives.

c.    Change the name of the minor currently known as Women’s Studies to a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

d.     Establish a minor in Russian Studies

e.    Dissolve the GIS certificate program (there is now a GIS minor in GGY)

f.     Spanish

                                         i.    Request to increase number of hours in the major by 3 from 36 to 39 hours

                                        ii.    Request to establish a 5-year Bachelor’s/Master’s Combined Program

3.    SHAHS

a.    Athletic Training (ATR)

                                         i.    Updates to the course descriptions for ATR 210, ATR 211, ATR 302, ATR 303, ATR 304, ATR 305, ATR 306, ATR 307, ATR 445, ATR 448, ATR 449, ATR 450 and ATR 490.

                                        ii.    A catalogue change raising the minimum GPA required to 2.7 for acceptance in the major as well as to matriculate successfully through the program.

                                       iii.    Change requirements (total number of credit hours remains at 73)

1.    Delete HEA 201, PED 216 and PED 217

2.    Add BIO 240 and BIO 241, which will replace the PED 216 and PED 217 anatomy and physiology.

3.    Require CSC 105, since PED 266 will no longer be offered.      

b.    Exercise Science (EXS)

                                         i.    Updates to course descriptions for EXS 410 and EXS 440

                                        ii.    Catalogue changes

1.      Delete CHM 102 from the gateway requirements for the EXS major.

2.      Delete PED 200, PED 201, PED 202, and PED 266 from requirements for the EXS major.

3.      Include CSC 105 in EXS major requirements.

4.      Delete EXS 342 from EXS major requirements.

5.      Insert EXS 410 into EXS major requirements.

6.      Raising overall GPA from 2.50 to 2.70 as a requirement for the EXS major.

7.      Require a grade of “C” (2.00) or better in each course within the EXS major core requirements.

8.      Reduce the requirements for the EXS major from 64 to 62 hours.

9.      Change the prefix/description of PED 440 to EXS 440.

10.   Insert EXS 199, EXS 491, and EXS 499 into EXS major requirements.

c.    Health (HEA)

                                         i.    Delete HEA 105 as requirement for the major.

                                        ii.    Delete HEA 240 as requirement for the major.

                                       iii.    Reduce HEA core course degree requirement to 40 hours and maintain total hours required at 64 by changing HEA electives required to 24

4.    University College

a.    Delete UNI 105 – Learning Community Integrative Seminar

b.    Create a new course, UNI 201 - Transfer Seminar

c.    Create a new course, UNI 110 – Leadership and Service Seminar

5.    Faculty Handbook

The UCC proposes that the Faculty Handbook be brought into coherence with the Faculty Senate by-laws regarding the role of the UCC. In particular, the phrase “…reviews all curricular matters…” (in the Faculty Handbook) should be replaced by “…reviews all proposals…” (as in the by-laws and adopted in 2009).