Environmental Sciences


Dr. Jeffery M. Hill, Professor
Department Chair
Office:  TL2114
(910) 962-3264 | hillj@uncw.edu

Dr. Jack C. Hall, Professor
Assistant Chair
Office:  TL2090
(910) 962-3488 | hallj@uncw.edu

Dr. Joni Backstrom, Assistant Professor
Office:  TL2102
(910) 962-3140 | backstromj@uncw.edu

Dr. Christopher DumasProfessor
Office:  TL2094
(910) 962-4026 | dumasc@uncw.edu

Dr. Devon Eulie, Assistant Professor 
Graduate Coordinator
Office:  TL2088
(910) 962-3230 | eulied@uncw.edu

Dr. Brandon Troy Frensley, Assistant Professor
Office:  TL2106
(910) 962-0501 | frensleyb@uncw.edu

Dr. Huili Hao, Assistant Professor
Office:  TL2098
(910) 962-3259 | haoh@uncw.edu

Ms. Kathleen Holland, Lecturer

Ms. Amy Long, Lecturer
TA Coordinator
Office:  TL2096
(910) 962-3301| longa@uncw.edu

Dr. James Rotenberg, Associate Professor
Office:  TL2104
(910) 962-7549 | rotenbergj@uncw.edu

Dr. Monica Rother, Assistant Professor
Office:  TL2110
(910) 962-2918 | rotherm@uncw.edu

Dr. Sheri Shiflett, Assistant Professor
Office:  TL2100
(910) 962-0500 | shifletts@uncw.edu

Dr. Anthony Snider, Associate Professor
Office:  TL2092
(910) 962-2423 | snidera@uncw.edu

Dr. Rachael Urbanek, Assistant Professor
Applied Service Learning and Practica Coordinator
Office:  TL2108
(910) 962-7909 | urbanekr@uncw.edu

Roger Shew, Senior Lecturer
Dual Appointment in Earth and Ocean Sciences and Environmental Sciences Departments
Office:  DL121
(910) 962-7676 | shewr@uncw.edu



Jennifer Royal
Administrative Associate
Office:  TL2116
(910) 962-7675 | royalj@uncw.edu

Part-time Faculty

 W. Landis Bullock, Lecturer
Technician, Environmental Health & Safety Department
Office:  EH&S Building - 102
(910) 962-7892) | bullockw@uncw.edu

Stan Harts, Lecturer

Emeritus Faculty 

Dr. Robert Buerger, Professor Emeritus

Dr. John Taggart, Associate Professor Emeritus

Adjunct Faculty

Jacob Marlin
Director of the Belize Foundation for Research & Environmental Education

Linda & Kevan Sunderland
Foremost Shell Collectors in N. America

Dr. Ed Glazier