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ETEAL's 2019 Instagram Contest!        

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for - the annual ETEAL Instagram Contest! This year’s theme is #ETEALahead. To enter, first make sure you’re following @uncweteal. Then, upload a photo or 30 second video from the Summer 2018 to April 2019 academic year with the hashtag #ETEALahead and tag @uncweteal . In your description, please explain your photo/video and how it is an applied learning experience. 
For more information about the Instagram Contest, visit the ETEAL Instagram Page here and be sure to check out the contest's Terms and Conditions below!
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Applied Learning In Action

Applied Learning and Hurricane Recovery Efforts

The Office of Applied Learning partnered with CTE/CFL in Fall 2018 to fund 45 Applied Learning Recovery Grant projects, designed to provide funding to instructors seeking to use applied learning activities to make up for instructional time lost during Hurricane Florence. You can read all about those stories in this piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education, linked below: 

Paws4People - Changing Lives

Every year, UNCW students in applied learning projects have the opportunity to positively impact our community while gaining valuable skills and experience. The Assistance Dog Training Program, led by Kyria Henry, gives our students the chance to train and work with service dogs that will go on to assist disabled veterans and community members. In Spring 2014, the Assistance Dog Training Program received ETEAL support and each year the program is providing high-impact applied learning experiences for students and changing the lives of our community members.