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Spring Applied Learning and Undergraduate Scholarship Awards Available!

The Office of Applied Learning is once again accepting applications for Applied Learning Pedagogy Initiative projects, Applied Learning Strategic Initiative projects, partnering with the Office of Community Engagement to fund Community Engaged and Service Learning projects, and continuing our partnership with the Honors College and CSURF as we accept applications for the Support for Undergraduate Research and Creativity Awards (SURCA)!

All applications share the deadline of March 15th and you can find more information about each below, along with links to apply for funding via InfoReady!

Applied Learning and Community Engagement Pedagogy Initiative Awards:

  • Apply Here
  • Up to $3,500.00 available per award
  • All UNCW Faculty, Staff, and Administrators are eligible
  • Each semester, The Office of Applied Learning provides funding to projects across the University focused on delivering high-impact, innovative applied learning experiences to UNCW students. Faculty and Staff from all departments and offices are encouraged to apply.
    Office of Community Engagement Partnership in Pedagogy Initiative Awards
    This semester, we're also excited to be partnering with the Office of Community Engagement through these Pedagogy Initiative Awards! If your project is focused on Service Learning and/or Community Engaged Scholarship, you can receive funding from the Office of Community Engagement! These projects must focus on delivering innovative, mutually beneficial community engaged projects and research opportunities and should involve community partners at all stages. As with other forms of Pedagogy Initiative Awards, faculty and staff from all departments are encouraged to apply. 

Applied Learning Strategic Initiative Awards:

  • Apply Here
  • Each awarded project receives $10,000.00 per year for three consecutive academic years
  • Available to project teams that are interdisciplinary, interdivisional, and/or directly involve an external partner
  • Applied Learning Strategic Initiatives provide three years of support for team-based projects that will create lasting, positive impacts in their areas through improving the scope & scale of applied learning, access & equity in applied learning, ensuring high quality standards, and more. 
  • Additional Funding for Community Engagement in Strategic Initiatives
    In partnership with the Office of Community Engagement, additional resources are available for Strategic Initiative projects which partner with and involve community organizations, groups, or other partners. These additional funds are available for each of the three years of Strategic Initiative implementation to support the joint efforts of UNCW and Community project members, with particular focus on involving student scholars and undertaking work that positively impacts our Community Partners.


  • Apply Here
  • Up to $5,000.00 per award, for Faculty Mentoring stipends, undergraduate student support, travel, and/or supplies
  • Available for Undergraduate students with a Faculty Mentor
  • SURCA provides funding to support undergraduate students engaged in research, creative scholarship, or other independent academic work outside of their courses.


The Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning and Community-Based Research is still seeking student submissions, Faculty/Staff reviewers, and Faculty/Staff editorial board members!

This refereed, multidisciplinary, online undergraduate journal’s goal is to advance knowledge in new scholarly arenas by presenting intellectual and reflective work by undergraduates. This journal seeks undergraduate contributions to the literature on service learning and community-based research. To submit a paper or learn more about the different submission categories, visit our website. Student submissions are due on January 15th, 2020. Submissions received after that date will be considered for our next issue, with a submission date of August 15th. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jill Waity, journal editor, at

If you are a faculty or staff member interested in being a reviewer or an editorial board member, please send your CV and your specialty areas within the field of service learning and community-based research to Dr. Jill Waity, journal editor, at If you know of a student who has done quality work in one of your classes or as an independent project, please encourage them to submit!

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Applied Learning In Action

Applied Learning and Hurricane Recovery Efforts

The Office of Applied Learning partnered with CTE/CFL in Fall 2018 to fund 45 Applied Learning Recovery Grant projects, designed to provide funding to instructors seeking to use applied learning activities to make up for instructional time lost during Hurricane Florence. You can read all about those stories in this piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education, linked below: 

Paws4People - Changing Lives

Every year, UNCW students in applied learning projects have the opportunity to positively impact our community while gaining valuable skills and experience. The Assistance Dog Training Program, led by Kyria Henry, gives our students the chance to train and work with service dogs that will go on to assist disabled veterans and community members. In Spring 2014, the Assistance Dog Training Program received ETEAL support and each year the program is providing high-impact applied learning experiences for students and changing the lives of our community members.