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"I've just received an ETEAL Award! What are my Next Steps?"

Shortly after you receive your ETEAL award notice, you'll receive your ETEAL Instructor's Handbook. This handbook will have vital information for your project such as instructions on how to use your ETEAL funds, guidelines and resources for assessment and reflections, checklists for the beginning and end of the semester, and the important dates and deadlines for your project.

Checklists, Dates, and Deadlines for your project

Before the semester begins and in the first weeks of the semester, there are a number of important steps to take in your ETEAL Project. You can follow along with the Early Semester Checklist or find more information about each of these dates and deadlines in your ETEAL Instructor's Handbook.

Early Semester Checklist

You can also follow this checklist to help guide you through the early deadlines and milestones for your ETEAL project.

Spring 2018 - Pre-semester and Early Semester
Ordering Supplies and Materials You can begin ordering supplies and materials for your ETEAL project right away. We encourage you to purchase all supplies and materials as soon as possible and by no later than February15th to ensure that they arrive in time.

Send ETEAL course Syllabus

Due 1/31/18
Send your syllabus, with the ETEAL notification language from page 3 of your ETEAL Instructor's Handbook, to by Wednesday, January 31st. 
Sending in Graduate Assistant Information If you have graduate assistants working on your ETEAL project and receiving a stipend through your ETEAL funds, please send their information (Name, 850 ID#, description of duties and role in the project) to as soon as possible. We can only process their stipend after we receive this information.
Signing Faculty Stipend Forms

If you are receiving a faculty stipend as part of your ETEAL Award, you will need to sign a supplemental pay form which will arrive to you prior to the start of the semester. You'll receive more instructions when you receive the supplemental pay form.

If supplemental pay forms are not signed and processed by the 15th of the month your stipend begins, your stipend may get delayed.

End-of-Semester Checklist

You can follow this End-of-Semester checklist to help guide you through the final deadlines and milestones for your ETEAL project.

Spring 2018 - End-of-Semester and Post-Semester

ETEAL Student Survey

Begins: 4/16

Ends: 4/26

On April 16th, the students in your ETEAL project will receive a Survey Monkey link to a brief applied learning survey. This survey helps us gather information about the number and type of applied learning experiences UNCW have had access to in the past. Please encourage your students to complete this Survey during the last weeks of class. The Survey ends April 26th, 2018 on Reading Day.

Submit ETEAL Student Reflections

Due 5/9

Please collect and submit all of your ETEAL students' reflections by no later than May 9th. You can submit these reflections electronically to or mail physical copies to Robert Hicks at campus box #5900.

Note that all student reflections, both intention and final and any others you collect, must have their students' names attached so that we can match Intention and Final reflection pieces and track ETEAL students across semesters. We will remove the student names before anyone outside of ETEAL reads your students' work.

Close out remaining ETEAL funds and expenses Be sure to close out and complete any remaining purchases, travel, or other spending on your ETEAL fund by the final day of the semester. After your project is complete, you will not be able to access any unspent ETEAL funds. All purchase should be received and receipted by the last day of the semester and all travel authorizations and reimbursements should be completed by the final day of the semester. Graduate Assistant and Faculty Stipends will process automatically.

ETEAL Instructor Survey

Begins: 5/11

Ends: 6/4/18

On May 11th, the ETEAL Instructor end-of-experience survey will begin and you will receive a link to complete a brief survey about your experience with applied learning. This survey helps us learn more about the resources and support needed to enhance applied learning opportunities for all UNCW Instructors.

Submit ETEAL Instructor Reflections

Due 6/4/18

Please complete and submit your ETEAL Instructor reflection to by no later than June 4th, 2018. You can find more information on suggested prompts for instructor reflections on our ETEAL Assessment Resources page

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Intention and Reflection Prompts

As part of your ETEAL award, all of the students involved in your ETEAL project will need to write and submit an Intention reflection at the start of your project and a Final reflection toward the end. Each ETEAL instructor is free to design their own reflection prompts and we've assembled a number of resources for you here to help you develop these prompts. You can also see our Assessment Resources page for more detailed information.

Intention Reflection

Sample Intention Prompts and Selected Student Responses (PDF)

Final Reflection

Sample Final Reflection Prompts (PDF)

Frameworks for and Examples of Critical Reflection Prompts(PDF)

Reflection Scoring Rubric

When our reviewers read over student work, they score it according to the following rubric and look for evidence that students have achieved the four ETEAL Student Learning Outcomes. You can find more information on these learning outcomes and our review process on the Assessment Resources page.

Scoring Rubric for assessing student Intention and Critical Reflections (PDF)

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Opportunities for promoting, presenting, or publicizing your ETEAL Project

ALTC Class and Site visits

Each semester, our Applied Learning Teaching Community (ALTC) Faculty Fellows and Graduate Assistants will be visiting ETEAL projects to see students engaged in applied learning. These class visits are a great chance for you to promote your applied learning project, help your students articulate the importance of what they're doing, and get some excellent photos of applied learning in action.

Even if you aren't able to schedule a class visit, you should also take plenty of pictures yourself so that we can promote your work on the ETEAL website and in our regular ALTC Newsletters! You can send your Photos to your ALTC Faculty Fellow or to

The ETEAL Instagram Contest

Each Spring, the ETEAL Instagram contest begins accepting Student Photos from their applied learning experiences. Encourage your students to take document their applied learning work in action and once the Instagram Contest opens for submissions, they can send us their pictures for a chance to win a number of great prizes! For more information and a list of past winners, check our our 2015 Instagram Contest Awards page.

The Applied Learning Gallery

The Applied Learning Gallery is an excellent place for your students to publicize and promote their applied learning work. All UNCW students who have taken part in an applied learning experience are eligible to submit their experience to the applied learning gallery!

UNCW Student Research Showcases

Each Semester, the Honors College hosts a poster session and celebration of student research at the Student Research Showcase in Randall Library. If your students would like to present their research work, they can apply for either the Spring or Fall showcase once the applications open on the CSURF Website.

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Upcoming Workshops and Events

Coming soon! Find out what exciting opportunities the ALTC, CTE, and CFL have in store for Faculty and Staff this semester! For more information, visit the ETEAL Events Page.

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Resource links for ETEAL-Funded Initiatives

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