ETEAL Experiences

Applied Learning Experiences

What is an ETEAL Experience?

Each semester, ETEAL funds more than 15 courses, experiences, and other projects led by faculty and designed to bring Applied Learning Experiences directly to UNCW students. These experiences provide them with hands on, real world training and the skills they need to be professionally competitive in their field and in their future. You may also hear these experiences referred to as ETEAL-funded Pedagogy Initiatives, as the awards that support these projects focus on enhancing teaching techniques and providing students with high-impact learning.

ETEAL supported experiences can take almost any form so long as their focus is on delivering a strong Applied experience to students. Some of the more common forms of Applied Learning here at UNCW include:

  • Directed independent study;
  • Internships;
  • Course-embedded projects that meet a specific real-world need;
  • Community-based projects;
  • Honors projects;
  • Study abroad (when it involves intentional and reflective applied learning); and
  • Efforts for innovative team-teaching undergraduate research.

Past ETEAL-Supported Experiences






Fall 2017 ETEAL-supported Computer Science Students view the August 21st Eclipse using pinhole cameras




Brander and Students Marine Biology




UNCW JPN 202 students make a real time presentation to students in Japan
















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Applying for an ETEAL Funding Award

ETEAL funds dozens of innovative, new applied learning projects every semester and in order to do so, we put out a call for proposals twice a year, in the spring and again in the fall. ETEAL's funded initiatives are semester long Applied Learning experiences, often in the form of new or existing courses that have been designed or redesigned with new, innovative applied learning pedagogies.

For more information on how to apply, including the current Request for Proposals and Application Form (RFP), visit our ETEAL proposal writing resources page:

"I've just received an ETEAL Award! What are my Next Steps?"

You can find helpful information, resources, and guidelines for preparing and carrying out your ETEAL award on our ETEAL Projects Support and Resources page