The Applied Learning Teaching Community

The Applied Learning and Teaching Community (ALTC) is committed to enhancing applied learning for students by supporting practitioners through a teaching and learning community, encouraging the sharing and adoption of best practices by faculty and staff across disciplines, colleges, and academic experiences at UNCW.

To accomplish this mission the ALTC organizes applied learning workshops, supports ETEAL-funded instructors, helps to plan and facilitate the Summer Institute, and provides applied learning resources and best practice models for faculty and students. At the heart of the ALTC is the ALTC community- a collaborative group composed of all interested applied learning practitioners, faculty, staff, and students at UNCW. While the ALTC has a core membership of faculty associates, fellows, assistant fellows, and contributors from ETEAL, CTE, and divisions, everyone at UNCW can become a part of the Applied Learning Teaching Community and take advantage of its applied learning resources and workshops.

New! Are you interested in becoming an ALTC Faculty Fellow? 

We're looking for ALTC Faculty Fellows for the Summer and Fall of 2017 to assist with leadership, support, programming, and communications for the Applied Learning Teaching Community. All ALTC Faculty Fellows will receive opportunities to discuss and share teaching techniques and experiences, a course release or overload pay ranging from 1 to 3 credits (up to $4,000.00), opportunities to work on grants and other scholarship, and much more! If you're interested, download our call below or contact Nancy Ahern ( and James DeVita (

ALTC Fellows Solicitation Call

ALTC Fellow & Partner Initiatives

The Research Educators' Applied Learning Collaborative (REAL-C)

REAL-C is a group for all UNCW faculty who teach research methods to graduate and undergraduate students. ALTC Associate Dr. Kristin Bolton, school of Social Work, developed and organized the group which has since hosted collaborative discussions and conducted applied learning research. REAL-C focuses on sharing best practices in applied learning, exploring applied learning scholarship opportunities, and providing a support system for faculty teaching research methods across all disciplines. Membership in the REAL-C is open to all instructors who teach or are interested in teaching research methods. If you would like to receive more information, please contact Kristin Bolton at 

The Applied Learning Research Cooperative (ALRC)

During the 2015-2016 academic year, UNCW's Center for Teaching Excellence and Center for Faculty Leadership (CTE/CFL) hosted the first cohort of the ALRC led by Applied Learning Faculty Associate Dr. Colleen Reilly of the department of English. Eleven Faculty members representing all of UNCW's colleges gathered for monthly meetings to develop projects with the goal of producing a scholarly publication, external grant application, article, or book chapter by the end of the year. In addition to this work, the group has formed a community of scholars who support each other's research, share ideas, and participate in targeted programming including presentations on seeking grants and gaining IRB approval for research projects. For more information on the ALRC, please contact Colleen Reilly at 

ALTC Membership

Diana Ashe ALTC Associate, CTE/CFL English, Center for Teaching Excellence, Center for Faculty Leadership Diana Ashe
Tony Atkins ALTC Assistant Fellow English Tony Atkins
Jess Boersma Director of ETEAL and Applied Learning, Associate Dean of CAS World Languages & Cultures, ETEAL, CAS Associate Dean of Student Success Jess Boersma
Kristin Bolton ALTC Associate Social Work Kristin Bolton
James DeVita Associate Director of Applied Learning ETEAL, Educational Leadership James DeVita
Amy Ostrom ALTC Fellow Office of e-Learning
Jeanne Persuit ALTC Assistant Fellow Communication Studies Jeanne Persuit
Jaime Russell ALTC Assistant Fellow Director of Office of Student Leadership and Engagement
Paul Townend ALTC Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Academic Affairs Paul Townend
Jenn Vanderminden ALTC Fellow Sociology & Criminology
Runa Winters Applied Learning Social Research and Assessment ETEAL Runa Winters Portrait

Previous ALTC Fellows

ALTC Role Department Portrait
Patty White Assistant Fellow CHHS, School of Nursing Patty White
Nancy Ahern Faculty Fellow CHHS, School of Nursing Nancy Ahern
Matt Waldschlagel Assistant Fellow Philosophy and Religion Matt Waldschlagel
Candice Broadbenner

ALTC Pilot Implementation

Faculty Fellow

History Candice Broadbenner
Sheri Conklin Assistant Fellow Office of e-Learning Sheri Anderson
Kristen DeVall Faculty Fellow Sociology & Criminology
Amanda Dickens Faculty Fellow Biology and Marine Biology Amanda Dickens
Tom Dorgan Assistant Fellow ITS, Blackboard Manager Tom Dorgan
Art Frampton Faculty Fellow Art Frampton
Jacquelyn Lee ALTC Fellow Social Work Jacquelyn Lee
Michele Parker ALTC Associate Educational Leadership Michele Parker
Jeanne Persuit Faculty Fellow Communication Studies Jeanne Persuit
Jimmy Reeves ALTC Senior Associate Chemistry & Biochemistry Jimmy Reeves
Carrie Clements ALTC Senior Associate Psychology Carrie Clements
Ginger Rhodes Assistant Fellow Mathematics and Statistics Ginger Rhodes
Lynn Mollenauer

ALTC Pilot Implementation

Faculty Fellow

History Lynn Mollenauer
Anne Pemberton Staff Fellow University Librarian Anne Pemberton
Salena Rabidoux ALTC Fellow Kristen DeVall
Colleen Reilly Faculty Fellow Colleen Reilly