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Welcome to Esports at UNCW!

UNCW introduced a Seahawk Esports Club in 2019 with the goal of bringing together a community to learn, play and teach electronic sports. The Club, which has grown to more than 250 students, fields competitive teams, hosts campus and community events, and works to establish connections with the local and statewide Esports community including other clubs, companies and schools.  

In Fall 2020, UNCW introduced an Esports certificate program for individuals interested in gaming, streaming and exploring Esports career options. The program, open to undergraduate and graduate students, is the first of its kind in North Carolina.  We invite you to learn more as we continue to grow Esports at UNCW. Some facts about the rapidly growing field of Esports: 

  • Jobs in the field are expected to grow 35% year over year for the foreseeable future (Goldman Sachs, 2018) 
  • Esports generated $1 billion in revenue in 2019, and is expected to reach $2 billion by 2021 
  • Viewership of the 2019 League of Legends championship peaked at 100 million viewers, the same as the Super Bowl
  • Streaming Esports platforms Twitch and YouTube Gaming each have more subscribers than HBO, Netflix and Spotify 
  • Sponsors for Esports related events include Nike, Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz and the U.S. Army

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