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Samantha Santana Working at Star News

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Despite the widespread myth about English majors and coffee shops, a degree in English Literature or Professional Writing is one of the most adaptable degrees out there, providing graduates with many different kinds of opportunities. The key is understanding how to find the jobs and how to match your skills and knowledge to the key words of the job ad. Because hiring practices are so diverse these days, this page only gives you a snapshot of some of the most important resources out there. Be sure to follow our curated twitter feed, as well.

Government & Non-Profit

City of Wilmington Jobs- Cities need professional writers, for sure!

Intelligence Careers- Intelligence networks are often looking for technical writers or communications specialists. Non-profit job boards are great places to look. You may need to look for different key words, like "communications," "public relations," "grant writing" etc.

North Carolina State Employee Job Board- An English degree prepares you to work in various capacities within state government. We've had graduates work for the department of transportation and State historic sites.

USA Jobs- There are many technical and professional writing jobs available with multiple federal government agencies.

Journalism & Media

American Society of Business Publication Editors- Editorial positions available in the business press.

Journalism Jobs- Extensive list of magazine, newspaper and online jobs throughout the country. Even some internships. Searchable.

Bookjobs - Tons of jobs at literary agencies, publishers and other book-oriented companies. Some internships, as well.

Copy Editing Jobs -It may not be glamorous, but these jobs can get your foot in the door. Post resumes, see job adds, post a job.

Entertainment Jobs - The focus is New York and Los Angeles, but if you're looking to break into television, film editing or publicity, this is the place to look.

Gannett's Job Board - This international news organization has opportunities in almost every field.

American Society of Newspaper Editors - Newspaper jobs. Contains a list of search engines that lead to job openings.

Newspaper and Magazine - Courtesy of New York University, a grab bag of jobs and internships at magazines like Esquire and the Nation, and online, radio and newspaper jobs and internships. Not searchable.

Poynter Online Career Center - You can post your resume or just look for a job here.

Publisher's Lunch Job Board -Editing, literary agent, publishing assistant - it's all here and more.

UC-Berkeley Jobs List - The communications section is just a part of this massive job site.

Asian-American Journalists Association - Lots of grants and other opportunities in such venues as Associated Press, NBC and online.

Technical Writing & Communication

FlexJobs- The way we work is changing, and technical writing is at the forefront. This job board lists distance jobs and contracts -- many of them are writing jobs.

NCino- Local company who creates and supports banking software.

PPD- Local company that researches drugs and requires writers for medical documentation and corporate communications.

Society for Technical Communication Job Bank- The place to go to look for technical communication jobs all over the country.