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The English Department places interns locally and nationally with more than 60 agencies, non-profit organizations, corporations, businesses, newspapers, and TV stations.

All legal internships must be for the benefit of the student, which means you should get paid or get course credit.

To be eligible for course credit, you must be a junior or senior and have:

  • A 3.0 GPA in the Major
  • A 2.5 GPA overall
  • At least three 300 level writing courses

If your GPA is not high enough, you are still eligible for a certified internship through the career center. Contact them for more information.

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Fill out the online application here. This information will help us match you with the best internship during our first meeting. This application is checked frequently, but if you don't hear back, feel free to email Dr. Lance Cummings.

Here is a set of guidelines on what you can expect from an internship with the English Department.

If you have questions, please contact Lance Cummings, the Internship Coordinator.


Phone: 910-939-3334

Office: Morton 156

Our Interns - See the Possibilities

Stephanie Mcmillan

Cape Fear River Watch

"I've always wanted to learn more about grant writing and being thrown into the process where I'm trying to secure funds for an actual organization is the best way to do so. Grant writing is a skill that will always provide you with something to fall back on as a professional writing major, because every non-profit needs to secure funding somehow. I’m lucky I get to learn about it more in the first place, but I am extremely fortunate to be able to in this particular setting."

-Stephanie Mcmillan

Madeline Belford

District Attorney's Office

"Throughout my internship, I have been given the opportunity to do some of the same work prosecutors do on a daily basis. I have also been able to sit in on multiple court cases and actually watch the prosecutors argue in a courtroom setting. This has been a great internship and has only made me more confident in my career decision."

-Madeline Belford

Calvin Shomaker

Star News

"My internship has taught me to be resilient with what I do. News is a never-ending cycle and the most adamant reporters write the best stories. I’ve been lucky enough to work with several editors who have helped me develop my news writing skills through certain assignments. The assignments and stories I have worked on are valuable experiences I will rely on when considering a career in print and online media."

-Calvin Shomaker

Caroline Powers

UNCW Writing Center

"Through this experience I have received many advantages, some of which include sharpening my own writing skills, making friends with the students I have worked with, and also becoming close with the writing center staff."

-Caroline Powers

Tess Bargebuhr


"Working at WECT has helped me learn how to write for a wide audience, adapt pieces of writing for different formats, and helped train me to edit more carefully and thoroughly."

-Tess Bargebuhr