Environmental Health & Safety

Weather Radios

Weather Radios offer two significant functions. First, they are designed to receive the NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) service's broadcast of weather status and forecasts, providing regular, around-the-clock weather information. Second, they are designed to respond to the Integrated Public Alert Warning System, and the alert signals sent by the NOAA Weather Radio service. When the weather radio receives an alert signal, it will respond with an audible alarm to attract attention. Many of our weather radios also provide a display that indicates what type of alert is being sent. This allows the user to be alerted to any dangerous situation as soon as possible.

Of particular interest are the portable weather radios, which have long provided users with peace of mind and the ready ability to check on the current weather status and are equipped with the ability for S.A.M.E. programming (Specific Area Message Encoding). Coding for Wilmington, NC, New Hanover County is 037129.

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