Welcome to the ETU!

The Watson College of Education is proud of our facility and the outstanding technical capabilities that lie within. We feel fortunate to have the equipment and services that are found in this building because we know what an impact technology makes in all aspects of education. The WCE strives to ensure that all faculty, staff, students, and guests have a plethora of innovative technology at their fingertips every time they enter any area of our education building.

We want everyone to feel confident in their ability to access the technology they need and to get help with questions or problems that may arise. We want you to feel comfortable with the technology resources, so please feel free to ask about what is available to you and about any instruction that you might need to access those resources.

It is the mission of the Educational Technology Unit to support faculty, staff, administration, and public school partners of the Watson College of Education in the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning.