Watson College of Education

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides standards that require all electronic information to be accessible and usable to those with disabilities. These tips and resources and can assist you to ensure compliance in your courses.

Additional details and tutorials can be found at Office of e-Learning ADA Compliance page. 

Quick Tips


  • Provide wording for links
  • Avoid using "click here" for links
  • Use text descriptions for the links
    ada compliant and noncompliant links


  • Uses dark font colors on light backgrounds (preferably use black text on a white background)
  • Avoid extremely bright colors as background colors 
    ada compliant and ada noncompliant background colors
  • Uses one font throughout the site
    ada compliant and noncompliant fonts
  • Avoids overuse of CAPS, bold or otherwise 
  • Avoid underlining words, as the screen reader can mistake it for a navigation link
    ADA compliant and non-compliant text emphasis


  • Images are clear
  • Avoid animated or blinking images (except in the case of an instructional simulation), blinking text or blinking cursors
  • All images have alt text/long descriptions attached to them
  • Alt Text Images PDF Job Aid (PDF)
    ADA compliant and non-compliant alt tags


  • A written transcript is provided with all audio files
  • Audio player required is compatible with multiple operating systems and requires only a standard plugin
  • Audio quality is clear
  • Captioning Services Request Form