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Instructional Strategies for Literature-based Instruction

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The Use of Scaffolds for Teaching Higher-Level Cognitive Strategies

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Conditions for Effective Collaborative Learning

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Critical Thinking

25 Critical Thinking Strategies for the Modern Learner

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Hands-On Is Minds-On
An article that address common questions and assessment concerns

Hands-On Activities
A huge list of activities based on hands-on learning

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Inquiry Learning

Concept to Classroom
Leads you through an introduction to concepts of inquiry learning
 Institute for Inquiry
A video guide and other resources for inquiry-based science and english language development
How Does Technology Support Inquiry?
A research article on using technology to support inquiry in math and science

Inquiry in the Middle School
An article presenting the stages of inquiry from Middle School perspectives

The Power of Questioning
An article by a fourth-grade teacher on how she got started with inquiry learning and how crucial it is to ask the right questions
The Socratic Method: Teaching by Asking Instead of by Telling
An article on the Socratic/Inquiry method, and an example of it working in one teacher's math class

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Project Based

PBL Checklists
Create printable checklists under the categories of Writing, Science, Oral Presentation, and Multimedia

Technology Supports for PBL
An article on how technology helps the PBL model

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Technology Based

Calculator Lessons from Texas Instruments
Some lesson plans/instructional technology strategies using Texas Instruments calculators
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