Promise of Leadership Award Program

The Promise of Leadership Group is comprised of ten beginning teachers in their second year who show leadership and innovation in the classroom. Teachers are nominated by their school system and formally recognized by UNCW for their commitment and expertise with the Promise of Leadership Award. These teachers also have the opportunity to work with UNCW Faculty and Staff, a UNCW Master Teacher, and a Master Teacher Faculty Associate at different stages of their three year cohort. Throughout this experience the teachers will participate in a books study, receive additional professional development, and provide professional development to other beginning teachers during workshop sessions at a Beginning Teacher Professional Development Day hosted at UNCW.  

2019-2021 Promise of Leadership Award Recipients

The 2019-2021 recipients engaged in a Growth Mindset book study to begin their collective work in their first year. In year two they will participate in a series of sessions focused on teacher resilience with Dr. Lynn Sikma to build on their growth mindset foundation. During years two and three they will create their own professional development around passion project related to their individual teaching context.   



Ms. Kelsey Frantz - Murrayville Elementary, New Hanover County
Ms. Christey Bryan -  Snipes Academy of Arts & Design, New Hanover County
Ms. Allyson Wiggs - Trask Middle, New Hanover County
Ms. Adrienne Thompson - Eaton Elementary, New Hanover County
Ms. Shelby Leondard - Early College, Brunswick County

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