Welcome to the First Years of Teaching Support Program

The Watson College of Education supports its graduates in the first three years of their teaching career through the First Years of Teaching Support Program. This program engages teachers in reflective decision-making focused on developing instructional practices that increase student performance.

The three main components of the program are: onsite support and professional growth, leadership, and web-based resources selected to address the responsibilities of new teachers. Participants receive a certificate recognizing their active participation in onsite support and professional growth activities.

To access more information regarding the First Years of Teaching Support Program, check out our At-A-Glance worksheet!

Beginning Teacher Conference Days for the 2020-2021 School Year: 

November 4, 2020 - FREE Virtual from 3:00-6:00pm  

March 10, 2021 - FREE Virtual from 3:00-6:00pm 

Beginning Teacher Professional Development WEEK - Monday, April 26th - Friday, April 30th! 

     Each day from 4-5PM presenters will highlight a topic relevant for beginning teachers. 

     *Monday, April 26th - Monday Motivation for BTs with Dr. Shanita Anderson from 4-5PM

                                         When You Wish Upon a Star

     *Tuesday, April 27th - Headliner Principal Baruti Kafele from 4-5:30PM

                                           Critical Questions for Becoming an Effective Equity-Minded Educator 

    *Wednesday, April 28th - Wellness Wednesday with CHHS Lecturer Ms. Jessica Hartmann from 4-5PM

                                               Yoga for Your Heart, Mind, and Body

     *Thursday, April 29th - Mindfulness and Healing with Dr. Dana Stachowiak from 4-5PM

                                            Healing Centered Pedagogy: Towards an Embodied Practice

     *Friday, April 30th - Forward Friday Teacher Leader Panel from 4-5PM

                                       Building a Vision for the Future of Public Education

Each day consists of one whole group professional development session led by UNCW faculty and master teachers. These professional development opportunities are limited to 100 participants and fill up quickly! You may now register online! You can register for all or some of the options listed for the week. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

For more information, contact Jennifer Knight, PDS Assistant Director, at 910-962-4246 or

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The Topics listed below link to an annotated list of web-based resources: