Classroom Management Websites

14 of Ron Clark's 55 essential rules for student success

Bullying Intervention Strategies that Work

Classroom Behavior Management for Diverse and Inclusive Schools
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Discipline Associates
Offers highly effective training programs to help educators and administrators manage behavior and improve student responsibility.

Discipline Help
Reference for handling more than 117 misbehaviors at school and at home. Describes behavior, effects, actions, common mistakes made when handling the misbehavior, and appropriate ways of handling the situation

LEARN NC- Classroom Management
These resources for new teachers consider the context of classroom design, curriculum, and instructional strategies.

Middle School Teachers, Students, Combat Teasing
An article on one middle school's method of dealing with teasing

A New Guide for New Teachers
Tips on classroom management, record keeping, getting along with parents and administrators, more.

Stop Bullying Before it Starts

Stop Bullying Now!
An article on ways to stop bullying. Includes activities for "teaching students empathy, anger management, and effective conflict resolution."

Stepping Out
Ideas on punishments for misbehaving students to teach a lesson

Survival Guide for New Teachers
A how-to for new teachers to learn to work effectively with veteran teachers, principals, parents, and teacher educators.

"You Tattletale!"
An article on the effects of tattling, and how to manage tattling