Welcome to the Student Engagement Website!

Research from the last several decades highlights the importance of student engagement as it relates to student success. Students who participate actively in their learning environment are more likely to learn, persist, and succeed. Student engagement goes beyond being involved; an engaged student invests time and effort in these activities.

SAIL Mission

The WCE empowers students to become reflective leaders who positively impact schools and society. The Office of Student Advising and Integrated Leadership (SAIL) supports this mission through a constructivist, strengths-based approach to academic advising and through purposeful engagement and leadership experiences.

Student Engagement Goals

Our goal is to provide educationally purposeful opportunities for all Watson students in which they can go beyond involvement to engagement.

  1. To engage student leaders in the design and execution of the co-curricular programs and encourage campus-wide participation in the academic themes.
  2. To create a safe environment where students can apply discipline-specific and classroom knowledge to contemporary issues and problem-solving.
  3. To create pathways for students to become engaged on campus in the community through awareness of their own values, leadership potential, and academic and social development.