South African Inspired Activities for the Physical Education and Music Classroom

Lesson 2: Netball: Pass, Shoot, Score!

North Carolina Essential Standards

PE.5.PR.4.3: Understand the importance of culture and ethnicity in developing self-awareness and working productively with others

PE.5.MS.1.1: Executive combinations of more complex locomotor skills and manipulative skills specific to individual, dual and team activities

PE.5.MS.1.3: Illustrate mature form in combining locomotor and manipulative skills for traditional and nontraditional activities

5.H.2.3 Gender and/or ethnicity may limit access to full participation for certain groups within a society.  The rights of individuals and groups within a democratic society can change over time.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Students have watched, attended, or played basketball either at home or in physical education class.


Students will be able to:

  • recall the origin and history of netball in South Africa.
  • apply understanding of netball rules through playing the game.
  • illustrate the proper movement forms and skills to play the game.


  • Students will take notes from the PowerPoint.
  • Students will complete a skills checklist.


Both students and teacher will need access to internet.

Online resources:

  • Netball Presentation” by Bearfoot Graphics [video] [A presentation outlining some rules and facts about netball. Aimed at beginners or people wanting to get back into netball and need a reminder of some of the main elements of the sport.]
  • The Rules of Netball - Explained!” by Ninh Ly [video] [Ninh explains the Rules of Netball, the most popular female-only sport played worldwide.] 


  • “Netball at Emafini Primary School” [video created by the authors of S. African children playing netball]
  • History of Netball PowerPoint created by the authors and the accompanying worksheet “Netball Notes.”
  • Netball Lesson Plans by Netball Alberta [Note: These are to be used for part 2 learning the rules and skills.]

Prior Preparation

  • Prepare projector and computer with videos.
  • Prepare checklist.
  • Prepare history of netball worksheet.
  • Prepare origin and history of netball in South Africa PowerPoint.


  1. Review briefly the previous lesson. Remind students that we learned about the concept of culture and how sports and games can reflect a community or country.  Using the example of soccer, we watched a video, “The Beautiful Game” and read a book, Goal!, which demonstrated how these particular individuals  in South Africa used sports to attempt to rise out of poverty and stay away from gangs.  
  2. Today we will discuss another sport, netball.  This very popular sport is similar to our basketball. We will discover the history of the sport and how it has changed over time.
  3. Show video of Emafini Primary school girls discussing netball.
  4. After the video, ask students for observations.  These can be recorded on the board.  Some observations might be: there is no dribbling, there is not much running across the court, it seems slower.

Guided Practice

Part I

  1. Now we are going to learn the history of netball and how it developed in South Africa.  Show students the History of Netball PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Following the PowerPoint, students will be given the worksheet “ Netball Notes.” They may fill out any information they remember.  Show the PowerPoint again. This time, at each slide, stop to answer the questions on worksheet.  
  3. Additional questions might include:
    • How does netball reflects the lifestyle and culture of the people of South Africa particularly the females and the black South Africans?
    • Why is netball played in South Africa and basketball played in America? [Sample response: “Some of the differences came from modifying it to make it suitable for women. It would be considered unladylike to be fatigued by the running up and down the court.  There was also miscommunication regarding the original rules.”]
    • How does the history of netball reflect the struggles of South Africa in regards to race and gender? [Sample response: “There were few opportunities and facilities  to play netball for non-whites.  This sport was developed through the school system.  Fewer black Africans attended school.  In regards to gender, sports were not considered necessary for females.”
    • Does this relate to the roles of women and minorities in America? How? [Sample response: “Just like in South Africa, the US had a period of segregation.  In sports, black players had to have their own teams such as the Negro baseball league. Women did not have the same opportunities as men in sports as evident in Title IX Act of 1972.”]

Part II

  1. Using Netball Lesson Plans by Netball Alberta, students will practice skills and learn the specific rules of netball.

Part III

  1. Play netball.
  2. Guide students in demonstrating the proper movement forms and skills to play the game.


  1. Close the lesson by summarizing that we learned about the origin of the sport of netball and how it came to Africa. We discussed  apartheid in South Africa and the struggles the black Africans had getting the resources to play.
  2. In addition, we compared it to the United States history of racial segregation.  
  3. In our next lesson, we will learn about the tradition of stick fighting in South Africa.