Curriculum Unit Overview

South African Inspired Activities for the Physical Education and Music Classroom engages students in learning about the concept of culture with emphasis on South African music and sports. This integrated unit plan fosters students’ understanding of how cultural narratives are reflected in their art forms and games. Recognizing human culture as a dynamic social phenomenon, students will compare and contrast traditional and modern South African games and songs with relevant American examples. As children analyze South African history, traditions, and beliefs, they will develop self-awareness and a greater understanding of our nation’s cultural diversity, including the struggles of diverse groups of people. Through the study of music and movement, students appreciate the power of such art forms as cultural equalizers. The unit’s summative assessment engages students in writing an original speech piece for which they will compose a three-part instrumental accompaniment and game or dance.

Author Biographies

Mary Ludwig is a music teacher at Carolina Forest International Elementary a North Carolina Model Global-Ready School in Jacksonville and was a teacher participant in the SACHL project. .  She has been in Onslow County as an elementary K-5 general music instructor for 19 years.  Previously, she taught instrumental music grades 4-12 and high school chorus in Illinois and Ohio for ten years.  Mary is a native of Ohio and attended Youngstown State University earning a BM in Education and a MA in Music Education from The Ohio State University.  She has earned her National Board Certification 2004, 2014 and is Certified Orff-Schulwerk Level 1.   

Judy McMullin has been teaching elementary health and physical education in Onslow County Schools for 22 years and was a teacher participant in the SACHL project. She has a Master’s from ECU in health education and earned her National Board Certified teacher in Early and Middle Childhood Physical Education in 2003 and 2013. She currently teaches at Carolina Forest International Elementary school which was the first school in NC to be certified as a Model Global Ready School.