Undergraduate Programs of Study

Teacher Licensure in Secondary English

No more than 12 hours may be at the 200 level. Students must take at least one course from the early survey courses (ENG 211ENG 223and ENG 225) and at least one course from the later survey courses (ENG 212ENG 224 and ENG 226).

For information on admissions criteria for the Teacher Education Program and the courses required for licensure in North Carolina, see the –Watson College of Education section of this catalogue. Students planning to pursue licensure should apply to the Watson College of Education as soon as admissions requirements are met (typically in the sophomore year) and plan their programs in regular consultation with their advisors. Teacher licensure requirements are established at the state level and may be changed by the state at any time.

Total: 42 hours

Teacher Licensure in Secondary Mathematics

In addition to completing the core requirements for the B.A. major in mathematics, students seeking licensure in mathematics must complete:

Total: 42 hours

An overall average of “C” (2.00) or better, with no grade lower than a “C-” is required for all 300-400-level mathematics or statistics courses counted toward the major.

Teacher Licensure in Secondary Science

Teacher Licensure in Secondary Social Studies 

Allied Subjects K-12 Licensure