Rosenwald Project

African-Americans and Education: The Rosenwald School Legacy


2011 Rosenwald School Conference

African Americans and Education:
The Rosenwald School Legacy


Conference Date: April 28-30, 2011

The purpose of this conference is to raise awareness of Rosenwald school history, provide information about resources for preserving the history of African Americans and education, and to examine current issues facing African American students in public schools. This conference is a follow-up to a conference held at UNCW in 2009 which brought together historians, educators, librarians, and community members to discuss the Rosenwald school legacy in the southeastern U.S. This year’s conference will be a two day event, held April 28-30th, that will include the debuting of a new documentary film on Rosenwald Schools and a site visit to a restored Rosenwald School.

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