Admission to the Watson College of Education

North Carolina state law requires all teacher candidates to meet identified criteria and be admitted to an approved Teacher Education program.

WCE Admission Checklist

Admission Requirements

  1. Complete application submitted to WCE by the deadline (see below)
  2. Completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of “C-“
    • Two English composition courses
           ENG 100 or 101
           ENG 200 or 201
           ENG 103
    • One math course
           3 hours of MAT/STT 101 or higher
    • One science course with a laboratory component
    • EDN/L 200 or SEC Block 1 courses
    • For Transfer Students - Must complete 9.0 credit hours at UNCW, in addition to meeting other listed requirements
  1. Minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.70
  2. Passing scores on Praxis or exemption from exam
    Learn more about the Praxis, exemption scores, and how to register to take the Praxis.

Application Deadlines

  • August 1 to take courses in the Fall semester
  • December 1 to take courses in the Spring semester
  • May 1 to take courses in the Summer or upcoming Fall semester

How to Apply for Admission into the Watson College of Education

The undergraduate online admission application can be found in MySeaport:

  • Click on the Students tab
  • Scroll down to the Academics section on the right-hand side
  • Select Apply to Watson College of Education Program

One-Time Admission Contract

Students who apply for admission, but fail to meet one criterion may be eligible to take WCE courses on a provisional one-time contract. Eligible students will be notified in the WCE Admission Decision Letter and given instructions on how to apply for the one-time contract. 

The application for an admission contract must be received by the date provided in the WCE Admission Decision Letter. Conditions of the contract must be met by the end of the semester for which it applies. Students who receive a one-time admission contract must re-submit an application to WCE in the following cycle (see Admission Requirements above).

The admissions contract will be offered to students who meet the following criteria:

  1. An admissions contract has not been previously granted
  2. Only one admission requirement was not satisfied:
    • Required coursework not completed, but can be by end of term
    • GPA is below 2.7, but is obtainable by end of term
    • Praxis Core scores
      • were submitted but do not pass
      • scores are passing but were not submitted
      • Praxis exemption not submitted

Note: Students who have no Praxis Core scores at the time of application are not eligible for admission contracts.

Graduate Admissions Writing Requirement