Admission to Watson College of Education Teacher Education Programs

North Carolina state law requires all teacher candidates to meet identified criteria and be admitted to an approved Teacher Education program. Please consult the chart below to determine which courses require Watson Admission as a prerequisite.

Program Area

Courses Requiring Admission

Early Childhood Education

EDN 382 → EDN 465 (Licensure only students, please consult program coordinator)

Elementary Education

EDN 319 → EDN 419
Elem majors with EYC concentration do not need admission for EYC courses

Foreign Language Education

EDN/L 319 → EDN 420

Middle Grades Education

EDN 320 → EDN 421

Music Education

EDN 356; EDN 409

Physical Education

EDN 352/356; EDN 409

Secondary Education

SEC 431 (Apply for admission during Block 1 for December 1 deadline)

Special Education- General

SED 352 → SED 411; EDN 322 → EDN 355

Special Education- Adapted

SED 352 → SED 411; PED 415

When to Apply

  • Generally, students should apply as soon as requirements are met, ideally in their sophomore year to facilitate a timely graduation.
  • There are three admission cycles per academic year. All materials must be received by the deadline in order to be considered for that cycle.
  • Review video for additional information about Watson admissions. (

Admission Deadlines

  • Fall deadline (to take spring courses) - December 1
  • Spring deadline (to take summer and/or fall courses) - May 1
  • Summer deadline (to take fall courses) - August 1

Requirements for Admission to Watson College of Education

  1. Submission of online Watson College application in MySeaport
  2. Completion of the following courses with a minimum grade of "C-"
    • Two English composition courses
      • ENG 100 or 101
        ENG 200 or 201 or 103
        ENG 103
    • One math course
      • 3 hours of MAT/STT 101 or higher
    • One science course with a laboratory component
  3. Completion of EDN/L 200 or SEC Block 1 courses with a grade of "C-" or better
  4. Minimum overall grade point average of 2.70 on a 4.00 scale on 45+ college credit hours completed at UNCW (transfer students should see "Transfer Students" section)
  5. Passing scores (or exemption) on the mandated Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators
    • Passing Praxis Core Scores:
      • Reading Test # 5712 passing score= 156
        Writing Test # 5722 passing score= 162
        Math Test #5732 passing score= 150
        Composite Test #5751 passing score= 468
    • Exemptions from all or part of the Praxis Core are granted if the scores or degrees below are on file with the Associate Deans Office by the admissions deadline (room EB 308, Dianne Evans)
      • SAT
        • 1170 Math + Evidence-Based Reading/Writing exempts from full Praxis Core
          600 Evidence-Based Reading/Writing to exempt from Praxis Core Reading and Writing
          570 Math to exempt from Praxis Core Math
      • ACT
        • 24 Composite score to exempt from full Praxis Core
          24 on English test to exempt from Praxis Core Reading and Writing
          24 on Math test to exempt from Praxis Core Math
      • Master's degree exempts from full Praxis Core. Submit a transcript with the degree posted to the Associate Dean's Office (room EB 308, Dianne Evans) by the admissions deadline.
      • Students holding a Bachelor's degree with final cumulative GPA of 2.7 minimum exempts from full Praxis Core. Submit a transcript with the degree posted to the Associate Dean's Office (room EB 308, Dianne Evans) by the admissions deadline.
    • Confirm official SAT or ACT exempting scores by accessing SEANET: Under Student Services & Financial Aid go to Student Records then Student Information. Submit for the current term, then scroll to the bottom for Test Score Information.
  6. Submission of background questions (and court documents if required)

Transfer Students
Transfer students in their first semester at UNCW may take WCE admission- restricted courses during their first semester (or subsequent semesters totaling 9 credit hours), in order to establish a UNCW GPA and allow time to complete the Praxis Core.

Admissions Contracts
Students who apply for admission, but fail to meet one criterion (and have not already been granted an academic contract) may apply to take WCE courses on a provisional, one semester time limit. Eligible students will be notified in the Watson Admissions Decision letter and given instructions on how to apply for an admissions contract.

The admissions contract must be received as directed by the stipulated date in order to be valid. Conditions of the contract must be met by the end of the semester in order for students to gain admission to the Watson College Teacher Education program. Students who receive admissions contracts must re-submit the online application in the following cycle in order to prompt a new review.

The admissions contract will be offered to students who meet the following criteria:

  1. An admissions contract has not been previously granted
  2. Only one admission requirement was not satisfied:
    • Required coursework not completed, but can be by end of term
    • GPA is below 2.7, but is obtainable by end of term
    • Praxis Core scores
      • were submitted but do not pass
      • scores are passing but were not submitted
      • Praxis exemption not submitted
      Note: Students who have no Praxis Core scores at the time of application are not eligible for admission contracts.

Online Admission Application

How to Apply:
Undergraduate online admission application can be found on mySeaport.

  • Click on the Academics tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Under the Watson College of Ed, select Program Admission Application

Graduate level admission application can be found here >


Please consult your academic advisor and the Academic Advising web page of FAQ.